Your Enchanced Minecraft Experience


Hey everyone!

So recently out of the blue I’ve begun randomly searching for mods and other add-ons to better my Minecraft experience, and naturally shared my findings with Shatter. In time, we found ourselves using an interesting selection of such mods and shaders that actually aren’t very demanding to run, even on my average PC. These proved to be extremely immersive to both of us, and if one likes immersion, or enjoyed Roleplay and see’s the potentially enhanced experience in this, then the following list is for you!

Chocopic13’s Shader

Starting off this list is a shader. Now not to worry yourself with ‘‘my PC is a potato’’, because this shader is as if designed for weaker computers! I have a Nvidia GT 730 myself, and since shaders run primarily on graphic card capability I expect, I am able to enjoy Chocopic13’s Medium shader on a comfortable 22 fps! The shader naturally has lighter selections as well, for those of you who will go ‘‘ewww, its not above 30 fps’’.

AND OFCOURSE to run ANY shader, you will need Optifine installed!

DynamicSurroundings Mod

Now this is a mod that was introduced to me by LogicalDark not too long ago when I was getting in to augmenting Minecraft sounds with mods. This mod turned out just what I was looking for! It adds wind, bird sounds, heavyer winds the higher you climb, cave winds/drafts the lower you go, animal sounds according to what biome you are in, and according to what time of day it is, indoor sounds like old creeking wood (that’s a word right), as well as an overhauled sound system for walking over specific blocks, your step sounds will have more weight, and your footsteps will sound different depending on what armor you are wearing, MUCH better water flowing sounds, and it also adds steam vents where water meets a magma block, when it rains deserts get sand storm particles, AND SO MUCH MORE! Try it!

Sound Filters Mod

This is another sweet little sound mod that basically adds reverb to caves and mutes sounds when you’re underwater and when the sound source is behind a wall. So far it works very nicely with DynamicSurroundings mod and I highly suggest trying it as well :slight_smile:


You WILL need forge for 1.12 and drag the files from all these mods in to the mods folder in your .Minecraft folder. If you didn’t know this already, this means doing the same for optifine, just choose to extract Optifine rather than installing it after downloading it from the web, and drag it in to the mods folder with the rest.

Have fun! :smiley:


Very nice selection : D


I’ve actually decided to scrap the Sound Filters mod because I didn’t like it echoing in my larger houses. I know its realistic for it to but… just not my thing.


Personally I prefer SonicEther’s (now open source) sound physics mod, for which you can find a 1.12 download here:
In my opinion at least, the reverberation is far more refined, as well as its sound occlusion and attenuation.

If you have a really powerful pc, for a shaderpack you might consider ﯼᵵᴀᵶᵶᴬﺤ Super Shaders (weird name huh), which looks about as great as SEUS without being as harsh on performance. Only real issue I’ve noticed is that it doesn’t really work too well with the aurora borealis included in the DynamicSurroundings Mod.
Of course SEUS is still probably the best out there if you really want the best for your ultra beefy pcmr build.

I personally enjoy the enhanced particle physics featured in the Fancy Block Particles mod, linked here:
This is one of those mods where you kind of just have to see the pictures on the mod page to really get it.

Aside from these, I strongly recommend the mods Ara listed as well, especially the shaderpack he linked if you don’t have a particularly good computer. As always, for all of these you will need Forge, and if you are running shaders, you will also need optifine.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The latest version of optifine, as of this writing, is only compatible with up to Forge 2387.


Any other ‘‘visual/audial enhanchement mods’’ would be greatly appritiated. If you know any, please let us know. Together we can make Minecraft look good! ;D


This thread just triggered a massive search of visual mods. I now have 4 mods and 5 texture packs altering the look of my game. Might bump up to 5 mods if I can find the one I want…



Texture packs and mods please?


Texture Packs:
Nature+ (Forgot who by, dammit)
Better Minecraft Birds (By Ruk)
Nate’s Pack
Vader’s Alternative Blocks (By Vaderman24)

Dynamic Surroundings, up there ^
Sounds Physics, by Sonic Ether
OptiFine (Universal w/ Forge version)


I wish there was an updated animated player mod


Or Mo’ Bends… both mods are awesome but lack the love they deserve. :frowning:


Actually, Mo’ bends mod has been updated to 1.12


I found this resource pack a little while back. It adds 3D models to a bunch of items and blocks, and they’re all pretty nice. It’s name is default 3D models. It makes quite a few objects feel more “realistic”, in my opinion, while still fitting nicely with the overall feel of minecraft.


Here’s le PMC download link:

Or if you’d rather not hassle with, here’s the same download off my google drive.

My only issue with this resource pack is that it’s made for 1.11.2, so the beds are broken.


I mean, yes it’s 1.12 but it has like 3 animations… Ruins the immersion when half of the mobs are still animated like it’s 2010…


Oh okay, that’s what you meant. There are quite a few animations but they’re kinda weird looking in all versions so yeah


Like this.