WorldEdit Perk


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I like options two, six and seven.


Also, could you not easily steal people’s builds using WE? That would not be cool.

Reminds me of the issue we had with schematica.


Will builders have W/E


3 and if not, then 7.


i pick number 6, i was elected to lead not read


I vote for option five


I pick either 6 or 7


I’d say a mix of Two and Seven. Say, a $5 donation for 24h of W/E, and maybe $25-ish for permanent W/E, with 12h of W/E as a Vote Reward.


Here’s my opinion:
Numbers 3 & 5 are good, because they don’t cost TOO much money (I think vote reward should be 12 hrs.), but I believe option 7 should be implemented too. As in, it would cost much more money than the other options available, but I think you should be able to buy permanent WE.

Edit: I read why the vote reward should be 24 hrs., and that makes sense.


Not on this server no, but a seperate build server


Builders will not have w/e in the build server right away because we’re forming a more productive system, that will be more rewarding for you guys as well and it’s going to involve earnable ranks. The higher your rank the more trust your given with certain permissions and that includes world edit. I know alot of builders who simply join only to use world edit and that isnt going to fly this time lol, theyll have to learn the ropes and climb the ladder of ranks. For some of you this will not be hard, but you’ll still need to start at the bottom. Builders now won’t have to reapply though, only new players.


I’m ok with re application… I still feel bad about my application. it was really really bad…


Well no matter who was accepted, there was a reason, you had potential. All that means with the new system is that your given a chance on the build team and can participate. For anything more than that it will require you to be productive and join in on group projects


Turns out we are unable to do subscriptions currently, so for now the WorldEdit perk will be $5 or a Vote Reward for 24h of usage.

So, Option Two.


So we’ve fixed the subscription errors we had and Implemented the top methods of getting worldedit(for plotworld) that you guys voted on. You can either get it thru voting, 3$ donation for 24hrs, or a monthly subscription of 15$ for worldedit. Feedback on how y’all feel about this would be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Yeah, no-one really left any feedback on the prices… They seem fair?


Not a W/E guy, but yeah, the prices seem sound.


Have you tried used A-sync with world edit? It is a nice plugin which slows down WE so it does not overwhelm the CPU.
and places blocks every few seconds instead of what WE tries to do which is to place all blocks at once.

This video demonstrates it nicely by placing blocks layer by layer.


We have one similar called FAWE :slight_smile:


I think prices are good but what about having it so that 5 is limited WE while 10 is WE with more perks or something like that. Oh also maybe voting gives temporary WE with only few basic commands while each tier higher gives more and more commands to the user.