WorldEdit Perk


Hey guys,

We’re planning on adding a perk to the server store where you can have WorldEdit in the Plot world, so would like to hear your opinions on the matter.

I currently have four proposals, but there are other methods:
Option One: $5 donation for 24h of WorldEdit.
Option Two: $5 donation for 24h of WorldEdit, Vote Reward of 24h of WorldEdit
Option Three: Vote Reward of 24h of WorldEdit.
Option Four: $15/month for WorldEdit.
Option Five: $15/month for WorldEdit, $3 donation for 24h of WorldEdit.
Option Six: Permanent perk for Mythic.
Option Seven: Permanent perk that is purchasable (separate to ranks).

The prices and time periods are of course negotiable.

If we do introduce a WorldEdit perk us staff could provide temporary WorldEdit for build competitions, as well as give it out as a competition reward.

As a note, to clarify, WorldEdit would only ever be possible within the Plot world.


I would say option 3. But 5 is great for people who mostly play creative.


I would say a combination of both option 3 and 5. Have the option to pay for the perk for those that can afford it along with the ability to gain it as a vote reward.


The problem I’m having with having a 24h package, a vote reward and a subscription is that if one of those is running, and then you obtain another ‘type’ one will be cancelled out.

For instance if you make a WorldEdit subscription and then get a vote reward of WorldEdit when the vote reward runs out it will run the command to end your subscription also, which we obviously don’t want.

The same would apply to if you purchase a 24h package. If you get a vote reward of WorldEdit during your 24h package you wouldn’t be able to get your vote reward, since the 24h would cancel the command. It wouldn’t stack.

If I can find a method to avoid this problem, then yes, having all three would be ideal.


is that not something we can test by getting the WE perk and then giving that person a bunch of vote keys so they can try and get it as a vote reward and see which perm sticks?


Hmm. I like the idea of giving W/E to basic players. Here’s my two cents:
I like a mix of option three and five. So you can choose to pay $15 a month for W/E consistently, $3 for 24 hours of W/E, and you can vote, and after a decent voting streak, you can have 24 hours of W/E. However, i’d do the $3 and voting W/E times like so:
Ingame, you have the option to use that worldedit time whenever you want, and when you choose to activate it, THEN the timer would start. Perhaps, the timer for W/E aquired by voting, would be a little shorter, and would expire a day or two after not being used.


hmm… I’ve never been a big fan about WE on servers but that’s always been out of concern for server administrators rather than concern for the player base. So if you’re sure you and the server (particularly it’s CPU) is up for it, I’m not gonna complain. Tho I do have some small concerns. I along with a lot of the server, are not fans of the subscription on servers. Since you’re not actually taking anything away I reserve my arm waving fury for another day. However, if this were possible I’d like to see the perk available in some kind of permanent form, maybe as one of the higher ranks " everyone says the everyone muttered under their breath ok ok fair point. Then maybe have a permanent option as not part of a regular rank package, but a completely separate thing, that even poor mythics have to buy ;). I ain’t in the business of scrwewing everyone else to the benefit of one particular crispy toast. Now there may be some big obvious reason that I’m blinded to as to why this would be the worst idea ever, but hey, might as well. All that being said, option 5 or if possible an option 3 option 5 hybrid seems best. or better yet an option 3 option 5 and permanent perk hybrid. Then again builders get it either way on this server or another soooo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think the 24 hours should only be while the player is online, so if you buy it and then your internet goes shit or whatever it doesn’t count against the time


I can make the command initiate when you log in (and not when you purchase it), but for it to pause while you are offline I’m not sure if or how it is possible. This is the main reason why the perk would be for 24h.

Understood. I would be implementing a block limit to hopefully prevent the majority of WorldEdit related problems. If necessary we would disable certain WorldEdit commands, also. There is no guarantee that Builders will be keeping WorldEdit when we have a build server set up. When we do set up a build server builders will be considered ‘normal’ members on the regular server, besides Build Leaders and upper staff. We could provide the perk permanently to a higher rank, but this would disable the ability to have it as a vote reward (as described below).

Voting and its rewards will work a lot differently on Allura to how it did on WoA. However, that being said, if I can find an option of making it where when you obtain the reward you have the option of when to activate it - I will.

It’s not a matter of the perm ‘sticking’, but more of the order. For example:

  1. Player purchases 24h of WorldEdit. Player obtains the WorldEdit permissions.
  2. 20h pass.
  3. Player obtains 24h of WorldEdit as a vote reward. Player obtains the WorldEdit permissions (again).
  4. 4h pass.
  5. Player’s 24h WorldEdit purchase runs out. Player loses the WorldEdit permissions.
  6. 20h pass.
  7. Player’s 24h WorldEdit vote reward runs out. Player loses the WorldEdit permissions (again).

Additional Options

  1. Permanent WorldEdit, as a one-off package, seperate to Rank donation packages. Would make it not possible to have WorldEdit as a vote reward.
  2. Permanent WorldEdit as a perk for Mythic. Would make it not possible to have WorldEdit as a vote reward.


Well permanent worldedit would be quite the incentive to spend 60 bucks huh, lol
You should definitely put a limit on/disable certain commands, so that nobody goes and does something stupid like place a million sand blocks midair


That it would.

Yeah there would be a limit. I’m thinking of 100k blocks, but this may be decreased after some discussion/testing.


No, please no… Crispy killed me (I fell in lava because of lag) with only like 10000 blocks. I completely support the build server idea so those of us who have NZ wifi and a 350NZD laptop can still play. I am not being salty here, but if I start experiencing loads of lag because of this I will probably stop playing.
Actually, that is only me so with the rubbish setup😭


It would only be in the Plot world, so you can’t die. And it shouldn’t lag you unless you’re in nearby chunks.


… I did? sorry :frowning:


I’m thinking about option two


Also the plotworld will be on a seperate console from the survival server so that shouldnt cause lag for any other server


I like the idea of having it available to vote because it gives players who don’t have money a way to achieve it, and it also deters from having new players with money to burn to simply buy it just to troll the server (Even if they are separate consoles). However I do see the reason for having a way to buy it as a way to help support the server. For payments I think option 5 would work best because it allows those who use world edit a lot a simple monthly payment and still allow those who use it every once in a while a way to get it without wasting the rest of the time.

Would there be any way to keep super new players to being able to buy it? I don’t want to make to minimum time absurd to where it deters players, just enough so only trolls would be deterred.


Algood Crispy, I fall in lava a lot on my own.


Wait… With the voting reward, it would be great for all you Creative people. But there are also people like me who do pure Survival, and getting that perk as a vote reward would be extremely annoying. I don’t know what could be done about it, but I think it’s worth throwing this out there.


Here’s an easy solution Pekka: Just ignore it! :smiley: