World Of Atlas Nostalgia


When I went on a treasure hunt but all I found was this


Very first “Palette Challenge” winner.


that is one beautiful ship, that is. I approve.


Brings tears to my eyes.


Found this in my Steam screenshots. @Aragottix :heart: :heart: :heart:


These are wonderful Cam, I never had the chance to take pictures of these even though I live there. Thank you sincerely for sharing! <3


God I miss Claire’s revenge lol. Ive decided im going to recreate it as close as I can haha




I miss the sword Claire gave me once after I glitch lost my old one, for some reason she forgot enchantments are mutually exclusive so it had sharpness 5, smite 5, and bane of arthropods 5


i remember when people actually liked me and when i built a cool house and now my house is trash on the new server but i luv the server :smiley:


Does anyone else remember ThePortalKing? There were like 5 of him, with varying numbers. xD


Yeah, I think I saw him on a few times before everything got wiped.


Eyyy I put that in there!

Sorry mate! :innocent:


Several of my screenshots and renders. I believe the texture pack was Norsecraft.

These I took when exploring, and filling out a map:

The tower I was building as my base, and the surronding area:

Waterfalls I found on the north shore of the island (continent?) I was on.

The bridge I decided to build out of the valley I was in:

This is a screenshot of my first rendered area (the render didn’t turn out):

More of the valley:


Does anybody have the old world of atlas map? Pixel for pixel?


that’s the closest yer gonna get im afraid


Which map is this? Before or post reset?


they reused the map, just flipped it. same map the whole time


xd xd


Flipped the map upside down and found something very familiar @Holy xD

look to the lower right