World Of Atlas Nostalgia


Like Ara said I use the sphax texture pack, it doesn’t require optifine but i use it with it.


Pfft, I’m taking the “IDK” way out and just waiting for this whole 1.12 O.F. w/ Forge problem is solved, but for now I’m just using the O.F. Client. Much faster and easier.


Hey, in the first picture it’s my old account, Nekokami!
When I was bored I used to troll people by throwing them into my next door ravine and collect their loo-
I mean WHATTTT???!! I didn’t do that!!!
(I think you might’ve been one of my stupider self’s victims Cam :p)



This is the ‘‘political landscape’’ of the 2nd world of WoA seen from my perspective :smiley:


  • Kleriel Reik (me)
  • ‘‘The Frontier’’, which I have explored most of, and built colonies at unique places, I cant find them on this map but I knew how to get to them ingame xD
  • Ebongrasp Empire
  • Vangle Empire
  • Iceor
  • House Arbor
  • Blockridge

Ik I probably missed people and their factions, but I simply have no idea where they were. Feel free to add.

PS: Ebongrasp, idk if that’s EXACTLY where you colonized, but its where I imagined you were.
PPS: The same goes for House Arbor x3


I built my tiny house on some small portion of this island.

The one in orange, top left
Ok got it. It was the left tip
My house was somewhere inside the white dot.


actually where u have put ebon, is where i was :smiley:
the large island with small (emerald) volcano south of it, tho, dont know if ebon was located near here on another repeat of the map …


I judged them being in that area from Shatter telling me Palestone wasn’t far from Shawdale, across the sea. Meanwhile, their new founded capital was way off on some other repeat of the map. The location was a similar cliff biome, with a tropical forest on top of it.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Shawdale and Horizontalville were not even on the same continent. That being said, I don’t have any saved co-ordinates to prove either way.


I believe they were, I had the coordinates of Shawdale on hand when I was riding to it on my horse from Aranhelm a bit before the Shawdale invasion event happened. I was nearly there, hit a road actually, when you were starting, so I got Fluffy to tp me and my horse there.


I’ve taken a look at the map, you did get Arbor wrong, by a quite significant margin. :stuck_out_tongue:

Arbor was beyond “The Frontier” and we laid claim to a fair chunk of territory beyond it. That light blue streak across the right of the map is the ice wall that “protected” us. Though in terms of actual land claimed by a faction, we were on the smaller side admittedly, we punched pretty hard. We were the proverbial Prussia of the server. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to ask one question:
Does it really matter where things were, rather than where they will be?


he asks on the nostalgia thread


That second pic makes me hate Martyn more…


Fair point


This is here for nostalgia’s sake, its fun to look at the past.


A medieval security camera.


PaleTwink doesn’t use it for security…


My personal favourite.


When the world is ending around you, your completely out of it, and you just want to get that one last god damn beer…


Apparently, I have a bunch of old Atlas screenshots to go through, so here’s Vangle Monastery and the Claire’s Revenge for now. :grinning: