World Of Atlas Nostalgia


If you get it again I would like some (lots)


Back On TA… : (

I miss it :c


I now have this video containing nearly all of my WOA screenshots:


That was so ■■■■ing sad… If you have the chance/time, slow it down, didnt get to see all the good times clearly. I saw so many familiar names in chat… : (

Edited to remove censored word…


nujno giant cube sret ništa


Pause the video at 50 seconds, you can see me about to kill a pig



like place_name_here rip to our fallen comrade


I can see what you mean by this, but there are still some options on your end that can help.

I had intended for it to be a rapid screenshot compilation, but if you want to see it slowed down, Youtube has an option to allow the video to be played at different speeds. This option is near where you would choose the definition options. You can always pause the video, and there are the < and > keys (, .) to move from frame to frame. It should take about 4 clicks of either button to move from one image to another.


wtf? xD


The Good Ol’ Days :’)


While looking for other things I came across some old screenshots that were saved from my computer crash.

(Can we do this again with a Mart NPC and have creepers keep spawning.)

(This was made on the One Year Anniversary and it wasn’t going to get any better for Claire.)

(My enchanted book shop that I made in the very first world. This was before me and TWP won our ranks in the MA competition. I never got to open because I finished the redstone and supplies right as the first reset was announced so I decided to never open. The reset ended up taking months to happen but I just decided to keep it closed.)

(This is what I would do when I was bored in the first world. I would sit at my grinder for hours upon end grinding levels and enchanting books. I think I got up to 200 levels at one point.)


Is it bad that I looked through the whole F-ing video to not find my name lol. But on a serious note im gonna miss WOA. The community has been so great to me. We have our daily fights in chat, but that’s what makes WOA so great because in the end we always forgive each other like we are one big family in a way, and I really hope it’s the same for Allura. #ripWOA2k17


:new_zealand: > :australia: > :us:


What texture pack is that? And does it need OptiFine? (OptiFine crashes my MC after 1.12)


The current 1.12 build of optifine only works with, at most, forge 2331, that should fix your crashes


also make sure to install gentoo, delete win32, and press alt-f4


Yeah, problem is I also use a worldmap and minimap which need the Forge version.




Xaeros maps work fine