World Of Atlas Nostalgia


If I remember correctly, on the old WoA, there were 4 empires, 2 republics, and a single kingdom, all of which had ‘‘lords’’ as underlings of the ruler. What makes you think the king title is mainstream again? x3


Good point xD


Here is the first house I ever made in Horizontalville, also the fourth structure in Horizontalville.


The very first screenshot I took of Martyn on WoA

Yeah, he built that. (He’s the green one)


What o_o


He was… special.


Who is Obling?


that bastard basically banned me for doing that


Anybody remember stumblinbear, the dev that Mart had for a little bit.


nope :o


Holy’s First Kill on Woa III


The one time @inipotbelly stopped by to help me murder the dragon <3


The Ebongrasp Boys Celebrating Ravenday in the Mancave

Hanging out in the palace gardens with @AvoidingCollege and @Harry


I remember that … my first storage (after the reset) was 500 blocks from that area :smiley:


That moment when you look through your old WoA screenshots and realize how much of an immature little jerk you were ._.


Gonna miss all that stone i collected :frowning:


Now ik where y’all get all yer stone from… damn that’s a big hole.


It just took a little while to dig out lol


I think I had over 200 double chests of stone before mart decided to delete everything.


Lol I had a lot of stone as well. Rip