World Of Atlas Nostalgia


Hey, it’s me, Arch :slight_smile:

Remember all these little things?


The only time I have ever ruled…


Is this the suicide hotline…?Yes he is death spamming…

Aw, c’mon! No more replies? but I have to share moreeeee!

~Arch, for now
(Glad to back :slight_smile:)


Yeah… I sure do :[


A rare picture of Shatterjure before the creation of Ebontar- * coughs * Ebongrasps c:


If you go even further back there’s a pic of shat with a lick skin and yellow eyes : p


Heres one of my smaller collections of the event time back on WoA II :’)

Oh Man I miss it so much : (





Translation: ‘‘LOOK THERE! AN OGRE!!!’’ x3


Yo don’t have to worry about Ebongrasping for air, because there’s a lot along the way.

apologizes 50x


This is from before a lil’ something…don’t really remember what it is…?
Claire’s Mild Annoyance… <3


Actual translation:


And yes, my sharpness 800 sword <3


sounds weird xD
This is picture is the first time I met him on WoA


Translation :



My tower I spent ages and like 15db on then martyn ragequit :frowning:


My tower got lost too… and I miss it so much : (


We lost so much, r.i.p roleplay, rip builds :frowning:


All that stone I had stored up lost :frowning: lol


I’ve promised Mxl to build a medieval house for him in exchange for a lot of stone, still haven’t built one yet…


Anyway, fun fact, technically I am a King of Shawdale alongside with Gig. But “Lord Hyken” sounds a lot nicer since the title “King” is so mainstream. c: