World Of Atlas Nostalgia


This is the official (somewhat ;]) channel to post all your WoA nostalgia, your screenshots, your events, and your little stories. I’ll start out with the first executioners stand I ever made with @shatterjure <3

And war games with @Claire88c and @shatterjure

Keep posting them spicy stories below!



Wow Sturmberg looked plain with vanilla textures.


There was that one time I accidentally killed Lohr when I mined some nether quartz that was under him, which caused him to fall into lava.
Moral of the story: don’t go AFK on top of a precious mineral, or I will mine it and you may end up dying in lava.


I remember when @Holy raided my house while i was still a member of Kleingrad… Aaah memories. <3


Well the most known fact is I enslaved lots o’ people sooooo…slavery yeah Atlas was corrupt…to new beginnings?


he did WHAT!?!?


Remember that day when my saddle and some other shit dissapeared from my kuća and then i blamed Elcesco or whatever?

We didn’t know eachother back then so it’s actually kind of funny now xD


Yeah, I used to raid people professionally as my job back in the day. I cam across shat’s kleriel viking house and stole the shit off his horse.It’s a really funny story, I heard ya’ll declared war on Elcesco for it xD


i may have robbed u both a few times while being friends


ah so we’re even :smiley:


Lol, the only casualty of that ‘‘war’’ was a tree xD


and a wheat field xD


Finding Mxl’s ship with @samcv :

Mah TA application build (not my best built, but hey, it worked):

@Siilvarra sneaking up on me in mah supes secret end farm:

Scouting out potential property with Vangaurd

Trapping @Claire88c

The old town:


Good times :’)


Kleriel: (my life’s work ;-:wink:

Horizontalville: (Jon’s life’s work)

Nyx’s (hawk’s/druid’s) castle:

My mansion: (me)

The WoA spawn: (credit to TA)

Mining Town ‘‘Ironhill’’, after the 2nd reset: (mine)

Fluffy in Ayrith: (credit to Ebongrasp)

Castle Solitude: (mine)


I miss it so much :c


Here’s the most “recent” picture I have before the death of WoA. R.I.P unfinished castle project…
Was going to be the second biggest castle going up a large mountain behind it (couldn’t see the mountain, shitty render distance)


"Creepy stalkers"

At the time, this was the largest build i’d done on WoA.

Fireworks for Peytonpuffle’s birthday :smiley: :fireworks:

I don’t think this qualifies as WoA, but it was having fun with a member of our community, Mr_QualityLohr.

Sacrificial rituals with Ebongrasp :knife:

And finally, right before the world reset.


Some of Tobo’s art.

Pie’s background

Some renders I have as background pictures. (None of these were taken by me, but i grabbed them from different places)

I used to have more pictures of my stuff but my computer crashed a couple months ago and lost almost everything on it.