World edit '24 hour' 'scam'


The 24 hours of worldedit offered in the shop is a good idea, but horribly executed. A customer wants to get everything out of the product they buy, but no one would stay up for 24 hours to make sure they get all the world edit time they need. It needs to be changed to 24 hours of online time, not actual time that goes on even when you’re not online.
I purchased ‘24 hours’ of world edit a couple of months ago, and even back then I complained about this, today I was told that they have been aware of the issue for months, yet there still is no solution.

Theres several plugins which are about tracking playtime, is it really this hard to make the 24 hour world edit work like this??


We do have plans to fix this, but we have a list of priorities i’m sorry you feel this way but it isn’t on the top of our priority list

If you read description it states that it is from time of purchase so it is not a scam and i am sorry you feel that it is. We have had no intention of scamming anyone.

I’d love to hear how others feel about the worldedit prices whether yall think they are overpriced or not and get feedback on what you believe the price should be


Like Ica has said, if you had read the ‘fine print’ you would have known it expires after 24 hours of purchase. If you didn’t like this, perhaps you should have held off on your purchase.

Clearly, he’s intentions were not to ‘scam’ as you put it. It clearly states that it expires 24 hours after purchase. The choice was yours.


Never said I wasn’t aware of the fact that it would expire after 24 hours. I’m saying that it should be changed?
No shit the choice was mine, I’m the customer who bought the bad product. Saying someone shouldn’t buy something when they are complaining about how it could be improved is just dumb. Thanks for the useless reply.

Anway Ica, what are your priorities at the moment?


Well maybe stop assuming its a ‘scam’ as you call it, and message ica privately about the situation and your thoughts on it. Instead of creating a outing fourm post.


Please stay out of this thread if you’re going to make useless comments like this, Ica himself told me to make a post about it if I wanted to voice my opinion.


Useless comments, I don’t see how my opinion is useless like you said. Ica asked to post about opinions and such. So why not you do you, and ill do me. Thanks for your ‘opinion’ though. How useless.


Focus on topic please guys i just want recommendation on the changes people would like to see to this extra in the shop so we can better improve it for everyone. Or to see if everyone is happy where it is


I was just stating I don’t see how It’s a ‘scam’ as he calls it. But i agree it should be changed to online time.


Hello Pyro,

The designed purpose of 24hr W/E was so players could hoard up building work for a day sitting, perhaps a weekend. That way they could make all the base panels/walls etc and then simply stack/rotate/flip their work when the 24hr W/E was in effect.

Anyways, that being said, I am not fully happy with how 24hr W/E was set up. Donation packages, ranks and permissions are something that are high up on my list to fix. I cannot go into much detail at this time, because I need to perform a lot of testing, but with what I plan to implement would make World Edit perms (and other perms) a lot more flexible. I cannot make any promises of what is to be done just yet, but let me assure you that it is still a priority, for myself, to fix. The best thing you can do is to continue offering suggestions so when I do start to tackle this project I will have them in consideration.

To clarify about the real time v in-game time permission timers they are possible to be set up for in-game time, but there is a problem there since data would be required to be saved, potentially for an indefinable length of time (for example if a player quits playing for a long period). And if data is not saved it is lost on server restart, which is something that occurs at least once a week. Real time is generally easier to manage.


its 3 dollars who gives a shit? and who needs 24 hours of world edit, shit takes like 5 - 30 mins unless ur pasting in a castle like mine


It needs to be understood that this is a fairly new server and we don’t have the money or resources to keep data stored for every little thing, sometimes we have to take shortcuts and let the community know about the full details and hope they understand. If they dont, well then they can simply not choose to spend their money here, it’s as simple as that. There isn’t anything wrong with suggesting we improve it, but now that you know it’s being worked on, it’s just a matter of only buying the perk when you know you have time to sit for that long and use it. Until its fixed, it’s certainly better than none at all.


Another alternative would be to join the build server and rank up to engineer, then you can use it there all you want.