What Happened to the WoA server?


Hi everyone, I used to play on WoA, but lost interest around 2 years ago to focus on studying. Fast forward 2 years to college, and me and some of my nerd friends decided to play Minecraft for the heck it. We saw that WoA was gone, but did find this server. I was just wondering what happened, but if it gets pretty personal than feel free not to respond…


There was a lot of disconnect between Martyn and his staff, his actions (or more, his lack of them) kind of lead us (the staff team) into wanting to go a different direction. As a direct result of this, Martyn shut down Atlas. The community moved over to RoA, and that’s how it’s been since. :slight_smile:

Good to have you back Nani


Welcome back. Nothing is too personal. We like to keep things pretty transparent here. :slight_smile:


Welcome Nani :slight_smile: (you may be before my time on WoA tho xD)
So i shall say hi for the first time :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol your profile pic. Tormund Giantsbane enthusiast?


Hello, I remember you a little…lol


Hey Nani, welcome :smiley:
Like @Icalave said, think you may have been before my time too on WoA … :smiley:


Welcome (you’re probably before my time, but it depends on when you stopped playing)