What do you look like?


I hope you know you’re basically doxxing me rn.
removed cuz ya’ll only get my face for a day, here’s my spirit animal as a substitute


Eyy little boi, nice to meet you xD


SOrry if i sound like a pedophile lel


thats sum good views…where are you hydroid…crisp you look like ron weasley…gasp


a ginger giraffe, fitting


Limited edition crisps. Get them while they’re hot!
That is not how i meant it…


First picture I was in Egypt, second picture is when I was in Istanbul. If you meant where I’m from, I’m from a country that exports furniture to Jon lol.


Crisps y u hide ur beautiful face!?! We deserve to see them :joy:


Constantinople! > : (


Please, its Carigrad…


You guys can follow me on Instagram if you guys want. I’ll accept a few people who I trust here to follow tho (msg me on discord your IG so I’ll accept you easier :joy: instagram =@hziqziq


revive because the party is here


Hi party, I’m Ario.


The second one looks like someone slapped you accross the face. Should we be concerned?


help me



A wild hairy Nate appear!


Man, I want to return to this server but I’m hooked to another game :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll drop by from time to time I guess, need to time when you guys are on since i dont see anyone when im online



my beard is bigger


Lol who’s that