WetUnderwear - buildteam


IGN: WetUnderwear
Discord: No One #5749
About You: i am 15 years old and live in Sweden. Ive played mc for 4-5 years and started building serious a year ago so i still have much to learn and such.
Preferred Building Style: I guess middle sized builds, not a fan of huge ones but if its needed i will gladly help. If you show me a new style of build i will learn it fast, right now im into dwarven kind of houses.
Previous Build Team Experience: I have been builder on VenomSurge which closed but will reopen soon and i was build team leader on SweetRPG, a towny server were i helped the owner build pretty much everything hub, lobby etc, i am currently helping remaking the server now and then but its going very slow. The coolest build ive made so far is probably the old SweetRPG shop which were a steampunk ship, had to go tho sadly:(
World Edit Experience: I pretty much always use WE but there is always new commands to learn
What would you like to learn?:
Link to Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/KHWhf


Those are some nice builds! That roof is really tall, unless it’s an odd angle


I see that you like…tall rooves…?


These bilds are purty gud. I approve


+1 vote for him to be added; Nice builds, man.


Well the roofes were a part of the style:D


Indeed; I rather like that very tall roof. Adds a bit more to the intended impression.



jake is definitly on to something


Please build a plot to go along with this, i do enjoy the screenshots


Sorry for the late reply, but our build server opens soon, then you can make a plot there