War Declaration Thread


War Declaration Thread

This is the thread where official declarations of war are issued.

Keep in mind that RP =/= Ingame.


Year 1333 Ebongraspian Timescale


(Keep in mind all OOC occurances that may have instigated this have been resolved, and that this declaration is designed to promote new RP engagement.)


Year 1333 Ayrithian/Ebongraspian Timescale



Year 1333 Ayrithian/Ebongraspian Timescale


Ok… This is badass. Lol.


Why would you say “your spies are more active than mine” now they definitely know you have spies


We were already quite aware of this, Hydroid, we caught one yesterday! :smile: And that one was pretty active if you ask me!


I’m still pretty dissapointed this didn’t lead anywhere. I was hyyyped D:


I was noooot


Same. I was thinking a war might clear the air…sniffs