Wait a minute


Oh cool. I completely forgot I had this website bookmarked. Wonder how the server is!

Unread Message June 2018 ._.

Hi. My name’s Areesh. Some of you may know me, some of you don’t. I’ve never been a celebrity on the server, but I’ve damn well had some good times and wanted to check back in. However, I joined the server and all I could find was some indian who found it hilarous RoA doesn’t have a swear filter…

Pretty swell guy tho.

Anyway, people are waiting for the server to update to 1.14? Or has something else happened?

Yours truly,


We’re waiting for 1.13 update actually aha. There is still a pretty active community on the discord though, and as soon as we get all the plugins sorted out there’ll be a bunch of people back online.


Ahh. Well I’ll be looking forward to it then! :smiley: