Tp with a horse


Would it be possible to make it so, that the entry or cheapest rank allows you to teleport with a horse or donkey ? This would allow for more travelling and exploration. And it would be more interesting to buy and sell horses and donkeys in the shop.


Fully support this idea!


Expert rank has access to MyPet, which allows you to store/tame horses and donkeys. You can release MyPets, meaning you can use this plugin to transport as well a store.


Mypet regenerates the horse randomly when you release it, meaning you might make a super fast and strong horse turn into a slow one with little health. I agree with this idea


This is a bug and is not intended behavior. I have got in contact with the MyPet plugin developer regarding this and he has mentioned that it is on his priority to fix for his next release.

It seems unnecessary to install and use a HorseTP plugin which we’d eventually remove when MyPet got amended. In the meantime the very fact that you can teleport animals regardless of stats is still somewhat of a perk that you cannot do by regular vanilla means… Unless Icalave thinks otherwise I don’t think there is no need to ‘fix’ this.


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