Timeline of Recent Events


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This article briefly outlines the major events occurring between Axcom Industries and the Emyprean Kingdom. These are subject to some changes in the future, but this is a mostly complete list. Dates will be attached to these when everything goes official, though this all happens within the span of 6 months at most.

  1. Queen Marin the 2nd is elected the new ruler of the Emyprean Kingdom, following the death of the previous monarch, King Khazri the 3rd due to old age. She is one of the youngest monarchs to be elected.
  2. Axcom Industries successfully reach Nemisan on the AIS Corbelle, using newly developed wormhole technology, going (unknowingly) undetected by the kingdom, who have relaxed patrols into Nemisan over successive reigns. Unfortunately, the jump broke both the drive and severely destabilised the wormhole, making return impossible at this point.
  3. Initial results are disappointing for Nemisan, with less resources and some dangerous wildlife. Though long range prospecting of nearby realms show much greater promise, discovery of portals used by the locals to travel between Nemisan, Cerscera (the overworld) and Taurios (the nether) are discovered by Axcom.
  4. Axcom successfully begin broad surveys of these other two realms. The first reports back the initial scans from Nemisan and greater access is granted to the exploration division, particularly to investigate the applications of redstone and glowstone.
  5. The first patrol from the Kingdom runs into an expedition from Axcom. While no hostilities ensued, the clear technological and cultural differences observed by the Kingdom Patrol causes alarm when reported. At the time, Axcom operatives simply note this observance and make nothing else of it.
  6. The Kingdom steps up patrols into the various realms to try and locate this new group’s base of operations. After an extended search, they discover the Axcomite ship in Nemisan. Attempts to probe further are met with Axcomite forces, who engage in a standoff before diplomatic actions prevent a fight breaking out. The Empyreans withdraw all presence from Nemisan and efforts to design a translator begin.
  7. A translator is developed and delegation from the Kingdom agrees to meet a delegation from Axcom at their capital in Empyrean. Axcom accepts and assembles a diplomatic task force to begin negotiations with the Kingdom.
  8. The Empyrean/Axcomite conference ends in failure:
  • Emypreans prohibit Axcom from continuing any further actions into the other realms. Axcom rejects this demand, citing the need to obtain resources.
  • Axcom offers to trade some of its advanced technology for local knowledge. The Kingdom initially confuses this as tribute, but upon discovery of the requests to trade, refuses.
  • The Kingdom demands that Axcom changes its colours as not to use the colour orange, which is considered sacred to them. Axcom refuses to rebrand itself.

Present Day: At this point, tensions remain somewhat elevated between these two powers, who, while not at conflict, exist in a state of cold war over mutual disagreements. No further contact or attempt at diplomacy has been made to smooth things over, with Axcom simply choosing to stay out of their way where possible.

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