Timeline implication


If Kleriel were to follow your timeline of 4 weeks = a year, then our entire civilisation would have sky rocketed from the stone age to its current position of a renesanse empire in a span of… little less than 10 years. Unlikely. And there being a set date when Allura was created… who really knows? Empyreans were here long before any of us in lore, so…

Also, there’s a separate topic i enjoyed going over on Atlas, and that was ‘‘how did the world really come to be’’ and ‘‘are we really to know such things, or just make up our own theories that would fit our individual religions or something’’.


That’s what I mean by this bit right here:

The year 0 was not the creation date of Allura (irl it might be, but not ig). It was the year it was discovered by someone who was not a native alluran, such as the Empyreans were, who had been here for longer than any written source could tell. They probably don’t even know how long they’ve been here.

All the year 0 means, is that after that year, conquerors and foreign colonizers started arriving, and have done so since. Your issue with the 10 year thingy isn’t really an issue, as we are close to the year 700 (Ebon calendars 1400th), you will have had plenty of time to develop Kleriel. Being a species native to Allura, you could have begun this process way earlier than the year 0. By the birth of Christ, people had been around for thousands of years already. That is why we have the b.c abbreviation (Before Christ). B.C on Allura refers to Before Colonization however.

Did this answer your questions @Aragottix?


This then leaves me to make my own calendar. Mkay.
As if we would let foreigners tell us what year it is anyway x3


I am okay with you creating another calendar, although it would make it easier to share one. It can be a Keelish invention for all I care! But what is your problem with my system?


Nothing, its just that the keelish have always been isolationist and rather xenophobic, it would only make sense for us to not care about anything the rest of the world thinks up, not only a combined calendar system. We likely have our own units for length, time, weight, and so on. In lore, with minimal contact with anyone, why should we?

As for the rest of the world, I think its a good idea.


But even if Kleriel is not personally using it, their diplomats and merchants could surely benefit from knowing how the rest of the world works, a little like how the brighter bunch of the Americans know the basics of the metric system.

PS: Not insulting any Americans reading this, but you have to assume that it takes some brains to keep track of two systems at once!


You assume we have merchants and send diplomats abroad xD


Can you just be a little cooperative??




Correction: Can you just be a little cooperative OOC???


Hm? I already said I thought it was a good idea.


Lol I mean adding your progression to the timeline…


ill work that out when you guys are done figuring out yours


This is what I’ve got so far, might add some about the Ic’or but this is Altor and Ebon basically:

Here’s a more recent one:

The Eras are as follows:

  • Percolus Era (–0)
  • Eenian Era (0–350 A.C)
  • Faciatonian Era (350 A.C –)

Note: These are rough numbers, there is no exact beginning and ending to them!


This is EXACTLY what I was trying to explain. Honestly Aragottix doesn’t have to co-operative OOC because as he pointed out his faction progression is going at a different PACE than yours. Even if you decide on a point 0 to start with if you’re not going at the same speed it’ll never work.

There is nothing stopping me from having a faction where each IRL week was 100 years in-game. I’d fly through the eras of time to the space age in a few months… This is why this suggestion will simply not work for everyone.

It’s not about time measurement choice. It’s about time pacing that makes this difficult.


Ara never mentioned another time measurement, and I will not make him accept to use this. What could be useful however would be him pinning in the Kleriel stepping stones into the history. If the Keelish year is shorter than the Jemycee or Ebon one, I can have complete understanding for that. If the Keelish evolve with magnificent pace and go to Mars tomorrow, so be it. If Amazon natives and NASA can coexist, so can we and them.

I can see I got a little carried away yesterday, but what I suggested was meant for us others to be able to know their rough history so that we don’t write paradoxes in lore, and get a broader understanding OOC of the mysterious realm in the east.

You are completely correct in that I cannot stop you going at another pace, I cannot play god, or expect anyone to obey rules I make up. I can merely put them out there and hope that when someone sees them, especially in the future, they’ll find them interesting and useful, and embrace it!


If I were to time stamp all of my past events, some would probably have a hundred year jump between them and the next. I don’t measure time and translate it to RP time at all, I just say ‘‘this is when that happened’’. I might add my history’s overlay over Kung’s to give y’all a sense of when for the keelish as well.


If there are any factions out there who’d like to use the Jemycee calendar, tell me below!