Timeline implication


As so many before me, I have a suggestion about the time frame of Allura. Following the previous discussions in similar topics, already back on Atlas, I know that it is hard to make everyone follow the same year line and timeline, which according to me is fine, as long as we can agree on what year is what year in another calendar. Even in the real world, different parts of the world have different ways of counting time, for example the Gregorian and Chinese calendars. But how can all this be achieved?


My proposition is that from a set date, e.g. new year and onwards, time moves at the same pace everywhere.
We can obviously not have time 1:1, as that would slow RP down past possibility. However, we could have every Alluran year last 4 Earthly weeks, making each week IRL a season IG.

This would be helpful for lore writing in many ways. It would solve many time-related issues that easily arise. Today, people can just fast forward 10 years all of a sudden if they feel like doing so in one faction (as we sorta did in the NR after Cept threw his rampage), while another hasn’t progressed at all, meaning that two characters who could be similar in age on one day could have an entire generations worth of age difference on the next.

It’d also stop people who stay in their twenties forever, being as strong as ever. Another good thing with making this set time pace, is that now time can become a motive. For example, someone could set out on a quest to find a way to age backwards or something, and that could be an episode, where that character is actually racing the clock as he/she is aging!

The 4 week years would mean that we could squeeze roughly 13 Alluran years into each actual year, and as most our characters will be celebrating somewhere between their 35th and 60th birthdays by next Christmas, I think this’d make the time frame quite reasonable.

About those who don’t want their rp characters growing old and weak, you can announce that you will from a set date on be playing as said characters child, or a completely different person. Only important thing here though, is that you give a heads up plenty of time in advance, as well as making sure that your new character differs from the old one in at least some minor ways, meaning you don’t merely copy paste your Character Profile, change James to John and keep on with the same guy.

Lastly, I believe that all those who are taking part in RP and are the leader of a faction, should send their time frames, including all truly major stepping stones for their respective faction to me in a forum dm, allowing me to create a general timeline to give everyone a historical lookback, probably relative to the Ebongrasp one, as theirs go back to over a thousand years ago. The mods can feel free to add the Empyreans and AXCOM here as well.


This is Hella cool and thought out


I like this idea. We don’t really have enought time based stuff going on.


The whole point of RP episodes was to allow any point in time to be acted out.

Although in-game has a set time RP doesn’t generally have to.

Time, like RP is generally down to preference of the player. Some people don’t want to develop and be stuck in a certain age. Some will however want to progress through the ages.

It’s easier to determine time like tech. Play along, or be ignorant to it if it doesn’t match yours.


But sometimes no one is active for awhil, and by the time you pick ’ t back up, your character may be dead.


That’s where problems arise. 98% of the factions all follow a single time frame i’ve noticed. Having a single time set would not only connect the factions together but will also solve any weird complications involving time.


If they want to stick around in the same day for the rest of their lives, that’s fine by me. But if they want to take part in RP IG then they can’t do this. It makes things seem weird if someones character comes into a room and goes “today I built a castle, yesterday two villages, and tomorrow I’ll make a fleet”, while the others are planning for a two year construction of a town. The only way they could take part in RP then would be on the forums in episodes.

If it’s really that important to keep ones options open, then I’ll change my argument to making the time line anyway, but making it optional, so that those who want to follow it can.

Anyway, in episodes, people have the possibility to act out things that happened in the past, meaning this would not get in the way of that either.


1 year on Earth is only 13 on Allura, meaning for most characters you’d have to be gone for over a year in order for your character to be old enough to be dead (this is assuming Geo dies of age, as no one but you are licensed to kill him). If someone is gone for that amount of time, then returning to Allura would mean more issues than maybe being forced to take a new character.

This would however be a good thing, probably decreasing the amount of “player disappearances”. People would then most likely explain where the character goes while they’re off on vacation/MC break/computerless.


You pointed out the problem with this suggestion exactly there.

Everyone has different amounts of time they can dedicate to play. Some people also have physically more bodies helping. Many build in creative and have the builds transferred, also. So even if players have a combined agreement of time pacing there is always going to be a factor of difference of time.

My point is, there is no point setting down a time rule when it’s never going to be perfect. Like I suggested - treat it like tech. It makes even less sense for a faction to progress from the stone ages to the industrial revolution while another player is playing with iron swords the whole time. Sandbox creativity makes it impossible to work, so it makes it rather pointless to apply a rule to further complicate matters.



Then let’s make an optional time rule. Then the ones who’d want to interact with the time aspect involved could do so, like the HAMCO currency.


Sure, go for it, be free to do so. If you guys can meet in the middle with a time zone then of course it would make a lot of things easier for RP. Just don’t force it upon people. :slight_smile:


Ara could you specify years? Either just go “years ago”, or use the Ebon calendar. Anything will do, just so I’ll know when to place it on a timeline!


While we’re on the topic of time… What (approx ofc) year would you say we should go with guys? If any that is. Currently that is. So we know where to start counting from.


Well were is 0? The day the server was created?


I didn’t specify years because i never thought it would be important due to nations of different tech levels existing at the same time. This is a list of how we progressed from the beginning of our civilisation, do we know on what exact date humanity created the wheel irl? Or when an age truly began or ended for which people?


I think the best thing would be to rename the creation of Allura to the colonaization of Allura, making it easier for natives to have longer history than newer nations. This’d make After Colonization (or Creation, if you absolutely must) A.C for short, and B.C, before conquest. We could make it a rule (when I say rule I mean a rule for those factions who chooses to follow this timeline) that before the year 0, only primitive tribes existed. NPC villages could have been formed in about 1,000 A.C?


To clarify, I don’t mean that everyone who isn’t a native faction arrived on January 1st year 0, I mean it was discovered then, meaning any arriving faction can have come yr. 0 – present. AXCOM came quite recently for example.


@Holy, could you explain the Ebon timeline, as well as what year we’re currently at?


0 - Allura Created
1105 - Founding of the Aldrainian Empire
1172 - Founding of the Ebongraspian Empire
1174 - Signing of Defense and Aggression Pact Between the Charkovian and Ebongraspian Empires
1249 - Ebongraspian Conquest of The Aldrainian Empire
1253 - Total annexation of Aldrainian Territory
1302 - Creation of The Irongladian Confederacy
1320 - Disbanding of The Irongladian Confederacy
1321 - Tumult in Charkov
1322 - Temporary annexation of Charkov until government reestablishment
1324 - Current year

It’s not super hard, two weeks-ish is a year.