[Tier III RP Faction] The Ebongraspian Empire


So are both cities named Ayrith?


I’ve heard Holy’s renaming his capital.

not sure tho


Update Two (21st of December 2017 15:37):

Addition of a military section, courtesy of @Ariovistas : )
Pending minor edits.




By all means, let’s hear your reasons why our military section ‘ripped off the Romans’.

If they’re valid, we’ll make sure to adjust the section.
If they’re not valid, you’ll look like an idiot.

And believe me, I’ll know.


Before you finished editing it, you had a bunch of legionaires and equites. Now you’ve changed it, I have no objections. Your Lifeguards are aweful close to preatorians though. Except the preatorians sucked, and the Lifeguards dont. Maybe add a description of their weapons?


Our military section has never referenced anything related to legionaries and equites, far as I know. Most monarchs ended up having a personal guard or another, but I based the Lifeguards more off the Persian Immortals than anything Roman.


I’m that case, my bad. Maybe it was Kleriel…


Update Three (7th of January 2018):

Minor Edits of the timeline.


Update Four (15th of January 2018):

Tier System acknowledged and implemented.