[Tier III RP Faction] The Ebongraspian Empire


The Ebongraspian Empire

  1. History
  2. Origin
  3. General History
  4. Recent Events
  5. Structure
  6. Government / Leadership Structure
  7. Settlements / Facilities
  8. Diplomacy
  9. Historical Diplomacy. Attitudes to war and peace.
  10. Modern Diplomacy. Attitudes to war and peace.
  11. Important People
  12. Fundamentals
  13. Culture / Traditions.
  14. Religion / Philosophies.
  15. Technology / Magic.


The Ebongraspian empire is a longstanding nation state, originating several hundreds of years in the past. A long living culture of hunters and gathers. steadily advancing up the tree of civilisation, but lead by an omnipresent ruler, lord of Infinite. Emperor of Ash. Today it is a proud state under the constant presence of border conflicts and wars.

General History

Shaping the society and the people within it, the emperor of infinite is the heart and centrepiece of the Ebongraspian machine. His authority, advanced knowledge and innovation allows for quick expansion in domestic and external fields, it the studies of war, as well as industry. With knowledge vast beyond any measurable scale, the lord of Ash has seen many empires rise and fall, intending to perfect the art of civilisation, in a game he plays, where the prize is mental elevation. He makes use of basic magic rituals, that while limited have hard a large effect upon the growth of the empire. Ebongrasp, due to the lord’s need for expansion, is almost constantly at war with it’s neighbours, be it the looting of smaller towns, or sieges of major cities. This strategy has allowed for the empire to secure a vast area of land over many hundreds of years, constantly working on the perfection of warfare. While no major conflicts were possible in the early days of the empire, due to lack of size and technology to perform such; as of late many territorial battles have arisen on premises residing on the hunger for more the lord possesses. No longer holding a monopoly on advanced weaponry, the emperor of infinite constantly finds himself evenly matched on opposing ends of the battlefield.

Current Events

Having recently explored the possibility of alliances with former enemies, the idea has failed and thus lead to chain reactions of backstabbing in the highest levels of government in neighbouring factions, most notably former allies such as the Graymanes, Yellow Cloaks and the Kingdom of Kleriel. Loyalty has been returned by the Charkovian, neighbours to the immediate west of Ebongraspian lands. The empire is currently in an unofficial state of war against the members of former Ironglade, aided by the trusted charkovians, in an attempt for total annihilation. But such as the game of war is, alliances tend to shift, and the distribution of empires assisting Ebongrasp might soon change.

Timeline Of Ebongraspian History
-This dating system uses year 0 to describe the godly creation of the world

0 - Allura Created
1105 - Formal founding of the Aldrainian Empire
1172 - Formal founding of the Ebongraspian Empire
1174 - Signing of Defense and Aggression Pact Between the Charkovian and Ebongraspian Empires
1192 - “War Of The Bulls” - Imperial Campaign to claim large swathes of the Golden Horde’s Northernmost extent
1194 - Close Victory over the Golden Horde, and establishment of the province of Dakar-Sh’aw (Ebongraspian Shawia)
1249 - Ebongraspian Conquest of The Aldrainian Empire
1253 - Total annexation of Aldrainian Territory
1262 - Conquest of Fargorge and subsequent annexation
1302 - Founding of The Irongladian Confederacy
1320 - Disbanding of The Irongladian Confederacy
1321 - Founding of The Eastern Concorde
1322 - “War Of Thorns” - Imperial Campaign to eradicate bands of robbers north of Fargorge
1324 - Formal annexation of the Yellow Cloaks’ Militarily occupied territory

Government / Company Structure

The Ebongraspian empire is based upon a system of Total Monarchy, in which minor lords and aids have minimal say in the major decisions of the empire. Exceptions are frequently made for those friends of the emperor, having proven great merit and success in past military campaigns. Annexed kingdoms are provided the choice of serving in government, or total annihilation. The distribution of power is currently held between The Emperor of Infinite, and Lord Cam of the Kingdom of Aldrain, a large territory to the north of the Ebongraspian archipelago. Mundane and tedious tasks regarding paperwork or minor decisions are passed to a council of locals, where the documents spoken of concern the citizen’s territory of birth.

Settlements / Facilities
General information

The Ebongraspian empire seeks growth through expansion, and conquering of neighbouring territories and cities. Few buildings within the dominion are built by it’s engineers, many more simply converted and restyled, making use of what already exists. A few exceptions to this rule are the capital city of Ayrith, as well as the main keep, Raven’s perch.

Raven’s Perch

Raven’s perch is the personal fortress of the ruling monarchs of the land, located in the middle of the Ebongraspian archipelago, on the island of Crow’s End, to the south of the capital city, Ayrith. One of the few buildings erected by Ebongraspian Architects, it is a masterpiece of middle ages, with elaborate defense mechanisms, and a large campus. The island houses around an eighth of the Ebongraspian southern garrison, and has a long history of siege warfare. With the lush and magical fields of the infested biome the castle is built upon, sieges are futile due to swift growing of crops and maturing of baby animals. Alongside the barracks, there is a large stable complex, an observatory, a museum, and a small residential town for wealthy ebongraspians.


The capital city of the Ebongraspian empire lies in the eastern plains, halfway between Raven’s Perch, and the northern fortress of Winterhold. The city houses around 500,000 citizens, of which only around 10% are of other races than human. The city covers nearly all of the plains, with an elaborate and modern defense and sanitation system, making it one of the most desirable places to reside within the world of Allura. It also houses a governing complex, large quarters for the emperor and his servants, as well as the brunt of the Ebongraspian Military. Alongside Raven’s Perch, it is one of the few works of architecture to be constructed by Ebongraspian architects.

Other Territories

Aside from a few well-established cities, the vast lands of the Ebongraspian empire are inhabited by industry, and mass farming. The fertile lands in the south, and vast plains in the middle house crop farming and mass animal breeding respectively. The lands of Aldrain to the north are mostly harsh mountains and lush swamps, providing grounds for mining and the farming of fruit trees. Aside from this, the Ebongraspian empire possesses many colonies abroad, the most important ones being the western province of Fargorge, and the southern deserts of Dakar-Sh’aw.


The province of Fargorge lies to the northwest of the Ebongraspian empire, separated from the empire’s proper by a large ocean and inhospitable terrain. It directly borders territories of the Brotherhood (Now an Ebongraspian Vassal) and Graymanes, leaving a tense relationship between the three groups. It’s main occupations include coal mining, the production of Ebonsteel, and lumbering. The province is controlled by the Emperor of Infinite, but due to limited access, the province governs itself through yearly elections. The province has a long history of striving for independence, as few of it’s citizens feel any connection to the far-away empire that rules and taxes them, yet the vastly smaller piece of land remains loyal out of fear of the Loyal militia under direct control of the Lord of Ash.


The empty deserts of Dakar-Sh’aw cover massive strokes of land to the north of the Holy Caliphate, which have yet to be exploited and be settled upon. It is currently a training ground for the military and the only place in the empire where elaborate stained glass is produced.

Historical Diplomacy
Throughout most of it’s history, the Ebongraspian empire has been either neutral or hostile to it’s neighbours, leading to the conquest of various territories and weaker empires, the prime example being Aldrain. This conquest has allowed for expansion, but has also made many enemies, and restless, unloyal occupied territories. As of recent it has been a part of the five-way alliance of Ironglade, which was swiftly dismantled.


*Altorian Empire - To the Ebongraspians, the Altorians are an incompetent empire that collapsed due to a weak ruler. They harbour little respect for the remaining government and do not engage in communication or trade of any kind.
*Kleriel Imperium - Ebongraspian relationships to the Kleriel Empire are deeply hostile. The two powers have engaged in previous alliances, but have always collapsed swiftly. The inferiority of the Keelish Race has been instilled upon the races of the Ebongraspian lands for centuries, due to previous betrayals in part of greater conflicts. Ebongrasp does not trade, interact or communicate with the empire.
*The Brotherhood - The Brotherhood, after breaking away from Ironglade, is no longer an ally or accomplice of The Ebongraspian Empire.
*Vanguard - The Ebongraspian empire knows little about the Brotherhood of Vanguard, and as it fears what it does not know, the Empire is very untrusting of the new foe.
*Sapphire League - The Ebongraspian Empire has little association to the sapphire league, aside from occasional merchants that find their way into the far east of the world. The recent developments regarding its association with the Kleriel Empire has played unfavourably with the Ebongraspian opinion of the small nation.
*The Charkovian Empire - The Ebongraspian and Charkovian Empires have been allies for around a century, with mutual a mutual trade agreement, a non aggression and defense pact. The two cultures have been intertwined long before official alliances, the Ebongraspians recognising and respecting the Charkovian’s impressive military force, and choosing them as friend over enemy.
*Graymanes - The Graymanes, after breaking away from Ironglade, is no longer an ally or accomplice of The Ebongraspian Empire.
*The Northern Realm - The Ebongraspian Empire hopes to associate/make use of this militia in the future, be it trade, or employment into it’s military force.
*Aldrain - The Aldrainian and Ebongraspian people have been associated together for many centuries, following the early conquest of the territory soon after the formation of the empire. As decades have passed, resentment has grown weaker, and the annexed state and it’s ruling empire are inseparable.
*Axcom - The Ebongraspian Empire is not aware of Axcom’s presence.
*The Empyrean Kingdom - The Ebongraspian Empire is not aware Of The Kingdom’s presence.
*The Republic of Alagaesia - The Empire knows little of, and disregards the Algaesian Republic.
*Gaslamp Society - After the Society annexed an island in the east of the archipelago, the Ebongraspians have been untrusting of their strange tinkering and farming techniques. They are neutral for now, but prepared to strike.

Special Relations

There are nations of specific importance to history and culture to the Ebongraspian empire, to an extent they warrant an extended explanation.

Holy Kingdom Of Ayrith

The Holy Kingom of Ayrith is a tiny nation to the east of the Ebongraspian mainland, surrounded by the dominion on all sides save the east. Ever since Ebongraspian religious missionaries set out to conquer these lands under heavy funding of the Lord Of Ash, the two nations have had fantastic relations. Former Royal advisor of The Emperor of Infinite, Garias I, is the grandfather of the current monarch, and a great friendship exists between the two rulers to this day. The Empire frequently exports lumber, carved stone and foodstuffs to the small nation, still currently unable to sustain itself. In return, Ebongrasp gains access to the vast beauties of Ayrithian craftsmanship, centered around the shared Religion of Motonism. While the Ebongraspian Monarch is an undying creature naturally, he is still subject to death and believes in the higher powers of the known world. The proud city of Ayrith within the Holy Kingdom Of Ayrith’s lands is the religious center for both nations, and holds a deep significance to peoples of both nationalities. While a formal alliance would be fantastic means of officializing the friendship between the two nations, it has never been considered. The people of Ebongrasp and Ayrith are brothers and shall remain so. Borders are open to people of both sides. While the Ebongraspian army exponentially outnumbers that of Ayrith, the two valiant forces have often dealt with invaders from the south-west together, as brothers in arms.


The northwestern Kingdom of Charkov is a close ally to the Ebongraspian empire, and has been so for centuries. The two countries share similar culture with Ayrith and Aldrain, save for religion. Often have the two fought invading forces together, and conquered vast territories to the north, expanding their empires. As with Ayrith, borders between the two nations are open. With the recent collapse of order within the Kingdom, Charkov has been installed as a highly autonomous region within the Ebongraspian Empire, until stability returns to the region. Trade between the two nations has always been prosperous, with the vast expanses of empty land in Charkov’s borders perfect for the herding of cattle and farming of other foods.

  1. The Imperial Life-Guard Regiment
    The Imperial Life-Guard is, for lack of better word, an enigma. Their faces are ever covered and their numbers never change. At his castle, the Lord of Ash maintains a deadly force of professional soldiers whose appearance on the field of battle heralds only defeat. The Imperial Lifeguards do not harvest, farm or build. They exist for one purpose only - the safeguarding of the person of the Monarch, and the enforcement of His immortal will across the entirety of the Empire. Usually, a detachment of Lifeguards signals the Emperor’s personal interest in a situation. With their black cloaks and high, purple-plumed helmets, a Lifeguard is unmistakable. Only twice since the foundation of the Empire has the Regiment taken to the field of battle as one, and in both cases has their deployment resulted in a crushing Imperial victory.

  2. The Imperial Self-Defence Militia
    Powerful though the Lifeguards may be, they are few in number and cannot be everywhere at once. For this reason, the Emperor maintains well-equipped barracks in every major city and region of the Empire, housing his Militia. The Imperial Militia are part-time soldiers, serving under arms one season every year and devoting the rest of their time to farming, craftsmanship or trade. During times of disaster, war or other crisis, the Militia can be quickly called upon by the local Lord to provide first response. In times of peace, militiamen patrol the cities and roads of the Empire as sheriffs, and hone their skills at arms.
    Usually, their equipment consists of a chainmail hauberk under an Imperial black-and-purple cloak. Each militiaman also carries a badge representing his region or city of origin on his clothing.

  3. The Imperial Regiment of Engineers
    Unlike the wielding of sword of bow, applying principles of engineering and constructing the various siege mechanisms used by the Imperial military takes a certain measure of education and training. In times of war, craftsmen such as carpenters and blacksmiths may be levied to provide such services for the Army, but the Emperor also maintains a dedicated regiment devoted to the persecution of siege and creation of ever more powerful machines of war. Usually, this is the starting point in the career of any young man with an aptitude for and education in engineering and the sciences. Rare are the scientists, architects and boatworkers who have not in their youth served for a time.

  4. The Imperial Navy
    With its origin as an island empire and the need to maintain control, communications and trade over vast stretches of ocean, it is natural that the Empire maintains a strong presence on the seas. Swift frigates patrol the merchant shipping routes to keep them clear of pirates, and in the harbours of the Empire the mighty battleships lie at anchor, ready for whenever they’ll be called upon to ferry men and war machines across the Empire.
    Most sailors serve temporary contracts fulltime, while the officers are usually careerists and hail from the bourgeoisie or lower nobility.

  5. Regional forces
    The Emperor, mighty as he is, cannot maintain control over the entirety over his vast dominion. For this reason, especially in the more far-flung parts of the Empire, much authority has been distributed over local lords and nobles. One of these rights is the right to organize their own militia - though Imperial law prohibits local nobles from maintaining any semblance of a professional force.
    These regional levies are varied and diverse, with training, quality and equipment depending on the region they hail from and on the war-mindedness of their Lord. In times of great hardship, these militias are a last-ditch reserve of manpower and soldiers for the Emperor to call upon.

  6. Summary
    Overall, the Imperial armies are diverse and versatile. Usually, equipment and leadership in battle is of high quality - especially for those forces that are directly administered by the Imperial Court. Their overall focus is on offence rather than defence. Mobility of large numbers of men across great bodies of water remains complicated and troublesome, however, which means that in times of immediate crisis or invasion a response may be slow in coming.

Xial II, Empire Of Ash, Lord Of Infinity

Xial II, one of the few remaining specimens of the ancient Xial race, is an ambitious and murderous tyrant, who cares little for those outside his own borders. A patriot, he strives to conquer and annexe, to enlarge his creation, the Ebongraspian Empire. The gemstone and heart of the organisation, he is worshipped as a demigod by his people, and strives to live up to his reputation. Being unable to die of old age, he controls vast amounts of knowledge of the art of fighting, tactics, and manipulation, making him the figurehead placed upon the Throne Of Souls.

Lord Cammian Of Aldrain

Lord Cammian is the grandson of King Philos III of Aldrain, the reigning monarch during the Ebongraspian invasion and annexation. He represents the Aldrainian people within the empire, but also stands for the idea of Ebongrasp as a whole, enthusiastic of their new military might and international relevance. He rules his people with a fair hand, and is a loyal advisor to the Emperor of Infinite.

Lord Pyron Of Dementia

Lord Pyron is the governor of one of Ebongrasps most eastern provinces, out of the immediate vicinity. He represents the Emperor in the far reaches of his territories, which are too far for the Emperor to govern himself. He rules with a harsh hand, in constant struggle with the secession of smaller territories and border conflicts. More a general than a diplomat, he has the honour of sitting beside the Emperor at Raven’s Perch.

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Ebongraspian culture is built strongly around the art of war, and all trades and crafts improving the follow through of such. Armorsmiths, soldiers and alchemists are among the most respected people in the Dominion. Your social status and class is based upon your achievements in the military, the governing of provinces, and wealth achieved. Inheritance and the status of your family are given little value in the empire, beyond your homestead and wealth. All children born within the empire attend the same schools, and obtain the same education. An exception to this rule is the office of Aldrainian Lord, and advisor to the emperor, as the Lord of infinity believes in his bond to the former ruling family of Aldrain. The empire celebrates few holidays, the most prominent being the day of conquest, on October 16th, the anniversary of the annexation of Aldrainian territories, and the garrison defeat at winterhold. The occasion is celebrated with heavy drinking and parades throughout the Empire’s most prominent cities. It is also the most common day of the year for couples to wed within the dominion. Another noteworthy holiday is the Dance Of Lances, celebrated throughout the Empire’s territories. The students of military academies and training camps are brought before the emperor to impress him with their newfound knowledge in combat, but also art, literature and sciences. Advancements in the arts are celebrated simultaneously, and prominent alchemists are honoured and awarded.

Aldrainian culture has few holidays, with most of the days in a year being conducted with a laid back attitude. The province has it’s own holidays, including the birthday of the current Monarch, and large festivals for the conquest of Logor’ian lands to the east, the only noteworthy military achievement conducted within the Aldrainian Empire, orchestrated by King Manos I Of Aldrain.

Religion / Philosophies


Ebongraspian people believe in the dominance of the Xial race after the creation of the earth, and worship the Emperor of infinite as their saviour. There are many varying degrees to this, ranging from fanatical cultists on the isle of Raven¨s end, to casual respect in Aldrainian territory. From before the unification of the Archipelago, minor deities and nature spirits had been the religion of the people.

The Aldrainian people believe, for the greater part, in the Atlesian Pantheon, headed by the hunter deity of Claire’yn, protector of scavengers and hunters in the North of the empire. Other deities include motus, the god of death, and Lyvienos, the god of light and life. While most of them are worshipped casually, not attending church on Mondays is frowned upon. Minor nature spirits, nymphs and elementals still inger in the mind of the elderly, but received no formal, state funded worship.


The Ebongraspian philosophy is one of conquest, but also respect of the people you govern and have responsibility over. A belief founded by the emperor of infinite, he constantly makes sure his citizens are leading a pleasant and well funded-life. The emperor however also practices the belittling and conquest of inferior races that may hinder expansion or comfort of the Ebongraspian people. Ebongraspian culture and philosophy also deeply despises traitors to the homeland, and it’s allies.


The technological development of the Ebongraspian Empire is strongly aided by the vast knowledge of the Lord of Ash, allowing for swift advancements in ranged and siege weapons. The jump to cannons and use of gunpowder in warfare is frowned upon, and not required by the empire, being adequately replaced with alchemy and spells of destruction. The most common “advanced weapon” within the dominion is the ballista and oversized crossbow, which the battlements of forts commonly dorn. These shoot flaming projectiles two meters in length, occasionally enchanted with spells of destruction by the archmages of the Empire. Catapults, while being slightly outdated, are still common on the western frontier of the Empire, which are used to defend the borders and eliminate large hordes of bandits.

The empire also possesses a unique alloy, dorning a dark purple color, under the name of Ebonsteel. The ingredients to the alloy are kept under high protection, and those devoting their life to creating the alloy are constantly monitored, and expected to keep no records of their profession. Most metallurgists in the field are often expected to commit voluntary suicide after ten years of service, to prevent the need for alcohol letting secrets slip. This verdict is accepted and celebrated in Ebongraspian culture, and the creation of ebonsteel is one of the most highly regarded jobs in the Empire. The position will also ensure a bright future for the children of the smiths, the second exception to the disbelief in hereditary in the empire. Ebonsteel is used in production of high quality weaponry, as well as light armor plating for wealthy knights. Most of the ebonsteel however, is devoted to the construction of alchemical components, being able to channel the dark mana of the sorcerers better than any other material. The metal is surprisingly light, making it an excellent material for the creation of armor.

Alchemy and the dark arts of blood magic are widely and industrially practiced in the empire, for creation of explosive spells, wards, and the improvement of weaponry. While few practices are taught to the public, most Ebongraspian pupils receive training in the dark arts for several semesters in their final three years of education. As most practices require the vaporization of large quantities of blood, the large livestock farms in the Plains of Plenty work closely with the mage academies in the south. For more potent rituals, the blood of humanoid races is required, and one of the reasons for the Ebongraspian stride for conquest. Most prisoners of war are either conscripted into slave camps, where they can ensure their future by working hard, and producing their quotas over a course of seven years, or immediately executed, should they be deemed too weak to be kept alive through harsh conditions over almost a decade. Disobedience in the labour camps is punished with swift execution, and immediate draining of the prisoner’s blood, which is to be shipped to the western archipelago.

The construction of fortifications and military encampments is a vital art in maintaining the empire, and is looked highly upon by the citizens. Most Ebongraspian fortifications are constructed of Aldrainian granite, mined in the far north, most notably in the settlements around fort Winterhold.


The Ebongrasp spoken of above is the new version of the empire, which has also existed on Woa. The following pictures are recounts of the good times Ebongrasp had on the old server.

Ebongraspian Military heading off to the halloween isle:

At the isle :’)

The battle for Sturm bridge


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