[Tier III RP Faction] Northern Realm


The Northern Realm


The Northern Realm came into existence after the Altori Rebellion (July 2017) and was given its official name in September 2017. The realm is ruled by King Davos Crowport as of December 2017, advised by Lord Gerrey Kodi.


Hello and welcome to the wild lands of the Northern Realm! As always, I am looking for excellent persons like yourself to come settle under our banner. Be prepared for strife, struggle, and extremely cold weather my friend, but also look forward to an RP life of excitement and adventure!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - the late King Muzwall Frostwither

Note: To join the Northern Realm, you need an RP character, and something to contribute, whether that be building skill, role play ideas, or simply your presence and participation. Simply comment your interest in this page and @Snev, @Music, or @Kung will get back with you.

What we value:
Good building
Imaginative writing
Engaging role-play
Accurate and descriptive history

Another Note: If we do accept you, we’ll work together to assign a role for you. We’re VERY open to ideas, and generally include everyone!

Jet’v nhi bonh! We have found the path! (Iceori)

Table of Contents

  • General Information

    • Important People
    • Map
    • Provinces
    • Other Significant Related Areas
  • Structure

    • Government
      • Historical Ruling
      • Current Political System
    • Religions
    • Military
    • Technological/Magical Progress (TBA)
  • History

    • Origins
    • The Beginning of an Empire
    • The Altori Rebellion
    • The Establishment of the Northern Realm
    • A New Era
  • Diplomacy

    • Foreign Relations

General Information

Important People (Non-Fictional)


Wyvernsdale - The Capital Province/The Frozen Province

Legends have it that the first lords of Altor slew a mighty dragon in the East who spew frost and cold. After burying his carcass where they destroyed him, the land remained wintry, despite the summery beaches and forests that lay around it. All that remained of the dragon was it’s icy skeleton. Its remains decomposed into valuable ores and minerals, beginning a bustling mining community north of the site known as Dragonspine. Muzwall Frostwither’s father Andwall was eventually appointed lord of the province, and renamed the region Wyverndale, to honor the dragons that used to rule the world.

Avirock - The Northern Province

The Avirock mountain chain, aka “The Spine”, is a spectacular sight. Especially at sunrise. Their tops tower towards the sky, and it was quite dangerous for early settlers to move around. North and east of the mountains however, lie vast, fertile fields, which were put to good use right away, a crucial move considering the freezing temperatures which gives fame to Wyvernsdale. The Spine blocks the cold winds of Wyvernsdale, allowing for relatively high temperatures. Today, the farms of Avirock are responsible for most of the non-animalistic food in the entire realm. North and west of the province lies the an ocean, which the iceori named The Tupunh Sea. The body of water closest to Dragonspine has got its own name however; the Avian Bay. Eastward it ends by the Shipwreck Lake. From the coastline, slightly east of the farming village of Upper Wheaton, runs The Northern Canal, which through a series of canals, natural ponds, and the Gate Keep, allows merchants to reach a port barely north of the capital. Originally claimed by the now deceased Lord Confur Burdyn, its wardenship was passed on, first to Confurs only living heir, his son Ferus, then to the Iceori Lord, Gerrey Kodí. There are two major castles in Avirock, the vassals home fort of Dragonspine, as well as the Gate Keep, which with its magnificent gate keeps the Northern Canal off the list of possible spots for a conquering party on its way to the capital. A smaller fortress in the outskirts of the village with the same name, Rot Itiv, is a smaller fortification in the eastern part of the province , where the Iceori first settled. Other settlements in Avirock are the villages of Tiqemi, Upper Wheaton and Lower Wheaton.

Rosewater - The Southern Province/The Cherry Province

The perhaps biggest province in the Northern Realm, in terms of area, the southern province of Rosewater, is famous for its stunning terrain. The western and eastern ends of the province are covered in low-laying islands, similar to Unarida, only here, the greenery is stronger than in most places in the NR. Upon these isles lie cherries in the hundreds, although their general rarity makes it punishable by death to cut one down. A legend states that a group of explorers once met their death by the grand Wyvern of Altor, before the Empire was even formed, leaving behind bunches of uneaten cherries, which grew and spread rapidly in the scorched earth. When the Altori slew the dragon and settled, the trees were already dominant in the area. They are probably wha saved the area from ending up like the Unaridan isles. The center of the province are more hilly and it is there that the provincial capital of Rosewater is built. The hills form a natural entrance into the Maze, which in later years have been heavily used for criminals to be sent in as punishment for their crimes. The Lord who claimed the province was named Borus Crowport. He got the name “Axe” from his constant importing of lumber into his woody province, refusing to chop cherries down. Borus did not show much love for his family, other than his wife. He was known for a constant paranoia and his fear to someone taking his gem, the newly built castle of Rosewater, away from him lead to the exilement of his brothers family to the poverty of the slums below the Wyverndale Citadel. Borus had two sons, Sieger and Borus II, the latter dying at an age of six, taken by the Ebon Flu. After his demise, his son, Sieger Crowport, ruled Rosewater until the Altori Rebellion. He was well known in the empire for his skills as a combatant, but this did not save him from being slain by undead in the Battle for Life. His cousin, Davos, became new Lord of the province when the NR was created.

Blackwood - The Western Province

The deep forests of Blackwood were one of the most welcome surprises for the altori settlers, and the first province to be inhabited after Wyvernsdale. An exploration group, led by the, still young, Kewin Shonor, crossed the inlet from Shipwreck Lake to find a most fitting scenery for a town, meaning the beginnings of what came to be known as West Town. The name Blackwood came to the lords mind due to the way the tall trees of the forest could make it pitch black despite the sun being up. Wyvernsdale laying east from Blackwood, north lie more fields similar to the ones found in Avirock and Willowsong. The mountains north of these are treacherous and known for being a border to the Wastelands, which continue past the Dark Marshlands, and past the western mountains. Southwards, Blackwood faces the Maze, due to which it has seen its fair share of dragon issues in the past.

Unarida - The Central Province

The wet drylands, or Unarida, is the central province of the NR, meaning it has no national borders and therefor is the location of many of the countrys safety stashes. With the minimal amounts of rain in the area, Unarida holds many similarities to a desert, only without its heat. This is a cold which is somewhat intensified by its location relative to the frozen lands of Wyvernsdale. The unaridan sands lie at a very low altidude however, and the nearby sea which leads into Unarida through Rosewater has flooded most of the land, creating the spectacular mix of sand and water. The salt in the sea water has affected the little vegetation that exists in Unarida negatively. The province is currently trying to evade a total disaster, as the last trees in the area are dying. Originally, only a temporary settlement was risen there, back before the formation of Altor, when the lands were only being mapped. The Lord in charge of the camp, the young Bern Keris, grew fond of the unusual scenery around them and claimed the area for his familys rule. He rarely left the camp, which remained the only settlement in the province (although it had now expanded to a village sized settlement). During the Altori Rebellion, Unarida fought on the kings side. Rumors had it that the Lord had fallen into the corrupt worshipment of the now forbidden Three-Headed God. Keris himself was assumed dead in the Battle of Tiqemi. The village was burnt to the ground in the Wyvern march for the capital and the new Lord of Unarida is currently rebuilding with all possible resources.

Willowsong - The Eastern Province

Once the capital province of Altor and the home of kings Inceptus and Felkros Agetos, now the eastern province for the NR, Willowsong has seen its fair share of bloodshed in the relatively short time frame it has been inhabited. The Battle for Life left the biggest settlement in the area, Trinholm, completely destroyed and no efforts have been made so far to restore the once so magnificent city. The NR Lord of the province rules instead from one of the nearby villages. Despite Willowsong now being a NR province and despite the time that has passed since the civil war, the forest with the same name, originally located at the eastern border of province, and thereby of Altor, is still of bounds. The Lords of the NR have even gone as far as to redraw the countrys borderlines so that it is excluded. This makes the Willowsong forest the third dangerous area in the realms proximity, the others being “The Maze” and the destroyed wastelands past “The Dark Marshland” of the northwest. The remaining piece of Willowsong is, similarly to eastern Avirock, mostly vast, fertile fields, which the locals use to its limit.

Other Locations

Qhionfort - The Southern Outpost

Originally a peaceful village by the name of Ryefork, Qhionfort is now the NR’s southernmost outpost, and a checkpoint in the building of the North Western Railroad Project.

The Maze - The Death Trap

The mountain chain in the southwestern Rosewater province was not given a misleading name. Spectacular as the thin, tall peaks may seem from the outside, they managed to swallow all six Altori expedition teams that were sent in there. Amongst the pillar-like hills, the sea water leaks through, turning the area into a real maze, where the floor is water, and where the walls are hundreds of feet high. The first Crowport Lord, Borus, built the majestic Gate of Justice, which serves as an Execution point for the criminals who are to be sentenced to the Maze. The law issues that should anyone find his or her way through, they are free to go, but never to return. However, no one has (according to NR intelligence) gotten to this point.

The Isle of Peace - The Hidden Temple

This mysterious temple is an NR legend. Due to lack of information however, no thorough descriptions can be made!

The Willowsong Forest - The Cursed Trees



Historical Ruling
In the early days, before the Altori settled in the 6 realms, the captains of the ships held gatherings once every second moon to decide upon important matters. After the butchering of the Great Wyvern of Altor, King Inceptus I created a feudal system amongst himself and the group that helped him slay the dragon, something which centered the power more, but that gave him enemies in some captains who were now pushed down from the top of the society. Monthly meetings kept the nation going in the beginning, however much came to a halt as the diarchs disappeared. After the civil war, the new king, Muzwall Frostwither, first King of the North, tried to resurrect the old system, and almost succeeded before his demise. King Davos, second King of the North, third ruler of Altoria, was finding his realm in a political chaos. To mend such matters, a new order has arisen, one that hopefully will prevent any more kings loosing their heads.

Current Political System
Although all details are not yet in place, King Davos Crowport and his fellow Lords have agreed that one person shall not have life long power, as it has seemed to corrupt those who own it. Therefor, they have come up with a system called Kewnypami [keu-nee-pa-mee], roughly translatable to “Rule of Sixty”. These are the basics of the system:

  • The Provincial Lords will together make a Council of 6, where the king has two votes to avoid ties, this council will be called the Chamber.
  • A new leader, or king, will be publicly selected for a period of ten years at a time.
  • The leader is elected by 6 councils, one from each province, each consisting of 10 individuals. These posts are held by bannermen of the Provincial Lords. One can however not vote for ones own Lord. These councils will be named Wings, and their members Nomuvu’s (talons).
  • The same leader can not keep the power for more than 2 periods, or 10 years.
  • In order to be electable, the leader must be a Provincial Lord.
  • The Leader can form foreign connections and act in foreign affairs as the king sees fit, however, the king cannot form declarations of war without a Chamber majority.
  • The chosen King receives the title Xth King of the North.


Dragon Worship

In the early days of Allura, the first lords of Altor slew a ferocious frost wyvern in the North. Many brave knights and lords were lost in the battle, but after the beast was killed, they cut out its icy heart. The heart was taken to the highest point in present day Wyvernsdale and chained to a mountain top, and to this day still emits a frosty aura that keeps the surrounding lands frozen and snowed over. The people of Wyvernsdale considered the incredible power of the frost dragon to be sacred, and worship dragons to this day.


This particular religion prides itself in the worship of Claire, the Creator Goddess. While the people of Wyvernsdale dislike Claireism, it inevitably made its way into the Northern Realm after the exodus of the banished Altori lords.

Wither Worship

The Threeheaded God is a divinity worshiped by certain cults across multiple alluran nations. Although this religion is now forced into hiding, there once was a time when it was indeed rather common in certain parts of the world. The followers are thought to be the constructors of certain structures, which can be found in, amongst others, modern day Tauros. [RP Religion] The Three-headed God

Military Program

The Northerners have a relatively new military force, as the old imperial ranks were dismantled after the civil war. The first leader of this force was Georgar Shocklord, for which he received the rank of Constable, before splitting ties with the nation. Under the rule of Shocklord, a new type of foot soldier was experimented with, carrying a large vase-shaped shield, a short blade of some sort, and a spear. These made up the bulk of the altori army at the time.

The Modern Foot Soldier
Since his departure, the new Constable, Abhi Esproz, has altered the formations, lengthening the spears, creating spear free units with bigger and better shields, and improved upon the cheap armor for about half of the people in the army, using metal components from the newly opened second mine in Avirock. Since a part of the call-in men disappeared with the old man, women were, for the first time ever in the history of the altori, allowed to sign up for military service.

Today, it is estimated that one in 4 northern soldiers is female. This has however not, as many thought, lowered the armies striking ability. While the overall muscle force of the army remained male, the female soldiers were more fit for other types of military positions, thus widening the spectrum in which the force can operate.

The Wolf Pack
After a suggestion from Lord Borus Crowport he also formed the Wolf Pack, a smaller type of cavalry, which, while it proved quite ineffective in battle, outran horses easily, and so were assigned to guard the borders and to deal with criminals, becoming a type of police force. Today, the pack has separate branches in all of the provincial capitals, except for Unarida, where the high water levels made them highly ineffective. Today, many wolf riders are female, since their lighter weight further increases the large beast’s velocity and agility.

A sub-division of this force still exists in the military, carrying longbows on their backs, these mainly work as scouts in rough terrains. According to the latest census, the realm possesses around 1,000 wolves total, of which 400 are available for military use. With the recent arrival of Keelish scholars on the citadel doorsteps, crossbows are considered as a future advancement for the riders.

The Archery Academy
One of Blackwoods greatest prides are the Archery Academy. It is mainly here that the archery of the army, along with many hunter children, are taught the skills of the string and arrow. The efficiency of the academy, despite only operating two months a year, has led to archery being one of the most beloved and thrilling points in the Northern Sports Festival, and the winner is usually decided by millimeters. The Willowsong archer Kotodd Bem has the current record, with an astonishing 92.4% accuracy rate.

Something the iceori settlers were famous for were their expertise with horses. This was shown early on as those settlers who didn’t work in the quarries took to the horse farms of the Avirock and Willowsong provinces. Horses are frequently used here as messengers during peace time, alternative to the messenger birds, which are the most common in the rest of the realm. They have also found jobs within the agriculture. Thorough breeding is important in the iceori horse breeders eyes, who have began creating a fast, strong horse.

The Elytrean Flock
Ever since the altori first entered Nemisan, they’ve been astonished by the devices with which the empyreans living there at the time got around. After purchasing a good dozen when tensions rose between the EC and the NR, the elite group who were tasked with learning its secrets have perfected the use in many fields, ranging from military to forest fire fighting and sea rescues. The total of elytreans in store are currently a round 60.

The Northern Fleets
The pride of the Realm is its fleet after all. It was designed recently, however so far, over 80 ships have been constructed, with main naval ports in Rosewater and north of Dragonspine. The ships are divided equally between the 1st fleet (based in Rosewater) and the 2nd fleet (based in Avirock). This way, the altori can send trading parties both north through the Tunuph Sea and south south of the Maze out into the Dragon Ocean and into open sea. It also allows for all coasts and inlets to be protected.

A pie chart describing the approximate percentages of the military branches of the NR.


Long ago while the Realm of Allura was yet in its infancy, a tribe of stout-hearted people set out on a journey to find a land they could call home. Traveling west, they came to a vast ocean and proceeded to map out every island, inlet, and shore they could find, obsessed with finding the perfect land. They called themselves the Altori (“sea farers” in their tongue) and the ocean Almos (“our sea”).

Despite many years of sailing as nomads, they found no land that suited them. By this time the shores were becoming crowded with other settlers. They decided to leave the waters, leaving behind them the small stronghold of Altenes (later Qhionfort). They reached the northern-most shores of the ocean and continued to travel on land, further north than anyone in their time had. Their travels were full of peril and excitement, of which countless tales and legends have been written. After about eight months of marching on, they came to an expansive flatland beyond which towered massive mountains who’s peaks seemed to pierce the sky.

They had not traveled long through the grasslands before a massive wyvern emerged from beyond the mountains. It bellowed with a piercing screech and advanced upon its new-found prey with horrific speed. Soaring over them, it spewed white flames all around the helpless travelers, freezing many to death in their tracks. Those who could took refuge in nearby caves or scattered like sheep, praying for the beast not to strike them. After landing in the Altori campsite and eating what was left of the horses and the people, the wyvern once again took of and glided off into the mountains. Many of the Altori were slain, but after gathering the remaining people in small caves along the mountainside, a few brave warriors among them took up arms and trekked into the blizzardy mountains. It was long and toilsome hunt, but in the end the dragon was tracked down and slain.

After the warriors buried his carcass where they destroyed him, the land remained wintry, despite the summery beaches and forests that lay around it. All that remained of the dragon was its icy skeleton. Its remains decomposed into valuable ores and minerals, beginning the bustling mining community known as Dragonspine. The fertile lands east of the snowy mountains provided them with so much game, that during the first few years of settlement, the Altori population tripled. The heroes who had killed the dragon were hailed as heroes and were elected leaders of their own clans. Andwall Froswither, the man who personally gutted the wyvern, claimed the snowy mountainous region for his own, calling it Wyvernsdale, in memory of the battle that they fought.

Beginning of an Empire
The five other lords, Lord Crowport, Lord Agetos, Lord Shonor, Lord Burdyn and Lord Keris, settled North and east of Wyvernsdale. One of these lords rose above the rest, calling the others together to a council. It was at this council that the lords elected him as their king, for his quick action, and display of leadership in the past. His name was Inceptus Agetos. He organized the six provinces; Wyvernsdale, Rosewater, Willowsong, Blackwood, Unarida, and Avirock to form the Altori Empire. He declared the capital Trinholm, Willowsong and settled there.

In the coming years, the empire rose from the ground. King Agetos I settled in the province called Willowsong, where he had constructed a town he named Trinholm. House Keris never made much of a town, however what Tarron of Unarida lacked in houses, it had in tents and barracks. Many of the lesser northerners found cheap housing here, which meant the flow of people was substantial to Unarida during these days, and working parties left to work elsewhere, to return home on full, or half moons, when they were given the days off. House Frostwither’s major achievement during this time was the successful construction of the castle later named The Citadel, a large monstrosity, towering above the city built around it, in the snowy heart of Wyvernsdale.

Down south, the subjects of Lord Borus Crowport had hit a major obstacle; dragons. Originating from the dark area today known as “The Maze”, the beasts took newly tamed cattle and settlers alike. To solve this issue, Borus created a contraption which concentrated large fires into light beams, which could be targeted at the lizards to scare them off. He received his fabled nickname, “Axe”, when he collected wood to said fire by ripping smaller trees out with his bare hands. With these light beacons clearing away the pests, the creation of what would become the town of Rosewater began.

In the west, the Shonors had found the perfect spot for their provincial capital, and before long, West Town saw the light of day. A port in the town was also created, as most of the empire imported Blackwood spruce to their constructions. Up north, house Burdyn found the riches of the mountain, creating several mines fast, which kept the empire standing in the early years. Although initial greed led to certain mountains being deemed too hazardous to ever mine from again, the settlers learned to treat the rock with caution, and the results came in form of a casualty declination by over 70%. On the surface, by one of the largest mines, the bustling town of Dragonspine saw the dawn of day.

The king was involved in several projects, all ranging from diplomatic ones with the southern neighbors, to the foundation of dozens of villages all across Altor. Around two decades after the nation was formed, a group of some 700 people arrived from the south-west by boat. These people called themselves the iceori, and were eventually granted permission by king Inceptus to stay in the kingdom, as long as they worked for their new homeland. The iceori settled mostly in the northern provinces of Avirock, founding a few all-iceori villages during the following years. Lord Burdyn of Dragonspine even made the iceori leader lord of a newly built fort in the eastern part of his province, which he called Rot Itiv (Man’s End in the iceori language of rayiti).

The Altori Rebellion (This part contains retellings from actual survivors of the uprising.)
The altori lived in peace for over 17 years after the iceori arrival, but over time an uneasiness began to loom over the empire. About ten years previous, Inceptus had decided that his brother, Felkros, should rule along side him. He called the new government a “diarchy”. Ever since, both he and his brother were seen less and less in public, eventually disappearing completely, refusing meetings and summonings by the other lords. All communication with the rulers was cut off. This strange silence of the diarchs sparked the curiosity of a certain young knight, Sir Georgar Shocklord, the newly appointed battle-commander of Altor.

He tried visiting the king often, but was always turned away, as the king was “indisposed”. After months of attempting to reach his king, he broke into Inceptus’ private study. There he finally found the kings dark secret. The fear of instability in the realm, the fear of loosing the weak power he’d managed to get, Inceptus had fallen to the corrupt practice of Wither Worship.
The shocked knight decided to act, so he took the diligord with the royal mark on it and pocketed it, only to be interrupted by the sudden entrance of Inceptus himself.

The kings appearance had changed drastically…for the worse. His skin had turned a sickly shade of grey and he had become extremely skinny. But in his eyes, there burned a demonic flame. He gave the knight a grim smile and lifted his sword. Sir Georgar managed to escape after a brief duel, and fled to Wyvernsdale to take shelter with Andwall Frostwither’s son and the new lord of the province, Muzwall.

After being shown the evidence of Inceptus’ corruption, Muzwall decided that the time had come to confront him publicly. He gathered fifty men, Sir Shocklord among them, and made haste back to Willowsong to demand an audience with Inceptus, and after the denial of which, forcing his way into the throne room. This time, the king was ready, and had worn clothes that covered his skin completely. However, he couldn’t hide his rage. When Muzwall accused him of wither worship, and threatening the safety of the Altori, Inceptus flew into a rage, accusing his lord of treachery and slander. When Muzwall left Trinholm that day, war was a fact.

Inceptus called for his lords to arrest Muzwall, and Unarida and Blackwood answered immediately. The others wanted an explaination of the chain of events, not having seen their king for years. The answer from the king was brutal. Agetos was convinced that his god (The Wither, authors note) would give him the power to emerge victoriously no matter what, and so he banished all these lords too, threatening to burn and raze their homes to the ground. Now also Lord Shonor of Blackwood understood that something was wrong. He joined the rallying three provinces and declared himself in open rebellion against the throne. Despite repeated parrots to Lord Bern Keris of Unarida, the province remained in alliance with the crown. Even after being presented with evidence of the kings madness (the diligord), he didn’t budge. According to certain sources, the Unaridan lord himself had began the ancient praise of the Three-Headed God.

The first move the king took was to send the Unaridan army north to invade Avirock. The eastern part of the province held most of the nations food supplies and fields and would be crucial in the coming war. Lord Burdyn, knowing that his odds were horrible, sent Lord Kodí south to get help from the other lords, who had rallied their troops in Wyvernsdale. Shocked by the news, they held a council, and decided that the Iceori and the Blackwood armies would go north, while the Rosewater and Wyvernsdale ones marched east towards the capital.

The northern group arrived at Dragonspine a few days later, only to find out that Lord Burdyn had left with his forces to intercept the royal army before they reached the mountains and their advantage was lost. The news that most of the eastern Avirock had been captured by the kings forces, including settlements such as Kodí’s own home of Rov Itiv and the key villages of Tiqemi and upper and lower Wheaton, reached them along the way. They hurried east and met up with what remained of the Avirock forces. Lord Burdyn had been killed, along with two thirds of the soldiers. The royal forces had set camp not far away, in the small town of Tiqemi, and the rebels had planned to flee in the darkness. With the newly arrived reinforcements however, the rebels snuck east, and surrounded the village, under the command of lords Shonor and Kodí. Their assault on Tiqemi was swift and precise. Most inhabitants were Iceori, and only too happy to join in.

The rebel victory, despite bringing the early death of Lord Kewin Shonor of Blackwood, was a turning point in the rebellion. The majority of the Unaridan force had been in Tiqemi, and the rest was on the fallback, moving south to evade the oncoming rebels. Meanwhile, Lord Davos Crowport of Rosewater and Lord Muzwall Frostwither of Wyvernsdale, after some preparation, combined their armies and marched for Willowsong, leaving Muzwalls younger brother behind to rule Wyvernsdale in his absence. Dispatching a smaller number of men by Tarron, which lead by Sir Shocklord defeated the remainder of the Unaridan forces, the rest made their way to Trinholm with relative ease.

Upon their arrival, the town was deathly silent. One could tell that something had gone horribly wrong. Inceptus’ dabbling in Wither magic had granted him great power, at the cost of humanity, granting him, amongst other things, the power to control the dead. Starting with the Trinholm cemetery, he had raised an army, essentially murdering all the inhabitants and enlisting them as well. The dead rushed at the newcomers, lusting for living flesh. The coming battle is today known as “The Battle for Life”. Despite the fury of the dead soldiers, pulsating from Inceptus himself, the dead could not organize, plan, nor think. This gave the Lords and advantage, and they eventually overcame them and broke into the throne room, only to discover that Inceptus and his brother had fled.

Today, the ruins of the once so blooming Trinholm, are barely visible, and only a few houses from the original outskirts of the town remain. The surviving inhabitants moved there after the battle, and are a first line of defense in case the Mad King, as king Inceptus is today is referred to, ever returns.

The Establishment of the Northern Realm
Willowsong essentially was no more, Trinholm was merely a smoking ruin surrounded by mass graves and the diarchs were gone. The lords met up at Stormfort, and returned together to Wyvernsdale. After a final council together, they declared Muzwall as their new King. As the deceased Lord Burdyn had no surviving relatives, Muzwall granted Lord Kodí the lands of Avirock; and to Lord Crowport he gave the beautiful sun-struck archipelago to the south-east, Unarida, to be a part of Rosewater. For his discoveries, the knight who sparked it all received the first ever Iron Claw, a NR medal of honor, that has up to date only been given to 9 other people.

Despite having completed their rebellion, and despite the Altor Empire being no more, the lands were, until quite recently, referred to as the lands of the Altori Rebels. It wasn’t until king Muzwall frostwither declared our sovereignty that we got our new name: The Northern Realm. Despite difficult odds, the good in the world had been victorious, the northerners had found the path!

A New Era
current events to be recounted here


Foreign Relations

Altor Empire:
Our once bitter enemies, from whom we conquered the very lands we build on today!

Ironglade Confederation:
Didn’t last, don’t care, won’t matter…

The Eastern Concorde:
Tensions have recently arisen due to communication failure and miscellaneous misunderstandings.

Takes offense to their condescending attitude, but is willing to make connections. Tensions have recently arisen due to communication failure and miscellaneous misunderstandings. However no arrows have been fired to this date, so the situation is slowly cooling down.

Holy Kingdom of Ayrith:
Tensions have recently arisen due to communication failure and miscellaneous misunderstandings. However no arrows have been fired to this date, so the situation is slowly cooling down.

Kingdom of Yinwyr:
Home of the spy, perhaps the real source behind the false allegations that lead to the EC tensions. The realm has taken offense of their false intentions, but since the tensions didn’t lead to much, the situation is slowly cooling down.

Brotherhood of the Yellow Cloak:
Very mysterious… why did they choose the yellow? Recently heard their lands have been taken over, might no longer exist.

Kleriel Imperium:
Despite some minor initial keelish dislike towards the realm*, minor correspondence by letter has been transpiring since. The Imperium even went as far as to offer to make the realm a protectorate during its weak days when the tensions with TEC were at its highest. This proposal was however rejected in the Chamber, with a voting result of 4:3 against. Just after the Grimguard forces withdrew from the Blackwood border, scholars arrived from the imperium with another proposal, to join the Coalition and destroy the nuisance of the Grimguard once and for all. This time, the chamber voted 6:1, only the Unaridan Lord Nyxia voted against the proposal. Hence, the realm has dispatched half of their naval capacity, and a third of their manpower, alongside with a smaller group of charkovians, to the keelish lands. Only time will tell what happens next.

This mysterious faction holds many mysteries mystified. They have however, allied themselves with the Grimguard Mercenaries, making them into enemies, factionally speaking, although no contact have ever been made in between the factions.

The Sapphire League/Mon Taizon:
Trade alliance exists. We send 'em ore, books, and maps, and they give us beer, ale, wine, and fruits. It’s cold in Wyvernsdale!

Kingdom Charkov:
Trade route has been established along with temporary defence pact. On the first opportunity to show their true colors, the charkovians came when the realm was declared upon. This action has deepened the relationship between the factions. The charkovians are also coalition allies.

Milites Knights:
Who are these people?

Gaslamp Society:
They must have all stayed in bed. Have heard nothing.

Interested in their weapons technology. Would be interested in a trade alliance.

Empyrean Kingdom:
Cloud people? They seem to have quite high thoughts about themselves…

Grimguard Mercenaries:
The Grimguard follows a leader whose undistinguishable bloodthirst has led them in a war mongering path that cannot go on. The NR has recently joined a group of nations who’s sworn to end this berserking group, along with the Vanguards who hold their backs.

*not counting former NR-Commander Shocklords failed hiring mission.

Altor Empire

Long live the Northen Realm!


UPDATE: Basically wrote the Northern Realm’s entire history on the server from Day 1. What makes this history unique is that it’s all based on actual events that happened on the server. Hope you guys enjoy!


I hadn’t realized how many official factions we had till now. UPDATED Diplomacy


Natives* :stuck_out_tongue:


Update: Added two new Members Diana and Spencer, and updated Sir Georgar’s last name: “Shocklord”. I’d like to apologize for the lack of progress RP wise. School’s going on, a lot of people are busy, but I’m still really invested in what we’re doing here. Looking forward to possible RP scenarios.


Bumping this! More history, a Map and backstories added! This wiki is past 3k words! Enjoy!


3,500 words, over 21,000 characters of pure quality lore!


Lovely map kung, I’m going to read well tonight!


Yea lovely map. Too bad my expectations were shattered when i visited all those towns. :cry:


They’ll get there!


NR Still recruiting!

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Updated Foreign relations


Wow a huge diplomacy update…


Perhaps add your relations with Ayrith? Surely the whole war declaration thing must have changed something between our nations.


As we have no explicit contact with Ayrith (it was not specifically you, but the states of TEC that declared war) it is unneccessaryuntil personal contact is made.


I think ya’ll need to edit this a bit…@Music?


In what way? To add his demise you mean?


Yes. And maybe add the Grimguard to diplomacy. You should have Music write his own death in though.

[RP Faction] The Iceori

Added one single picture of Wyvernsdale. Frostwither Citadel - The Capital. Gave it a slightly Impressionist look. Very FIRST sample of NR architecture…specifically that of the Frostwither family.

Here’s a wintry version: