[Tier III RP Faction] Kleriel Imperium (old)


Moved map to main post, and added roads :smiley:


Amazing map


@Aragottix As leader of the Grimguard, I send my greetings, and hope that you will contact us in the future! :slight_smile:


The imperium has no respect for those who’s loyalty lie only with their next paycheck.




It doesn’t, it lies with the NR. But if someone needs a few extra swords, The Grimguard stands at the ready!


Maybe so, but those men can come aweful handy when you start running out of troops…have fun on your own then buster.


Don’t get me wrong, i would gladly throw your lives away instead of risk my own people, but knowing you would side in a conflict with whomever pays you more, not whom you believe has the right of it in a conflict, disgusts us. Our swords stand at the back of our ideals, not our coin. Mercenaries are but another manifestation of humanities apparent corrupt nature. One day you may be fighting with us, and in the next against us, with the reason being your payment. How can one put any faith or trust behind ones such as yourself?


You outbid the other people. And again, out of courtesy for another ruler, you would be wise not to send us to your enemies. One way to safe guard out loyalty is to pay well. The other is to not insult my honor.


You have no honor for me to insult.


Take this to Episodes! :smiley:


^ Follow this advise! ^


You wanna have a episode? A messenger kinda scenario.


Sure, you go ahead and start an episode and leave me a hook, and we can work from there.
Quick warning, don’t be alarmed if you come to Kleriel for the first time and the first thing that happens to you is you get arrested, that’s normal.


Okay. What’s the setting for the episode? I don’t km is the layouts of your place.


You wanting to roleplay left me to assume you already had an idea. Think something up. Your a new faction? Maybe your travelling around seeking recognition from other factions or something.


I’ll come to your castle. You set the stage, then I knock on the door. Sound good?


Update #6:

  • Updated screenshots of a few locations to cover more of its grounds
  • Added map
  • Re-worked the keelish class system
  • Added visual representations of Kleriels military’s gear
  • Edited government


Well, I have visited a couple of your towns in the southeastern quadrant, and I have their coordinates…
I won’t share them if you don’t want for me to.