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The Kleriel Imperium is an imperialistic isolationist nation which strives to spread Keelish civilization in to the unlawful wilderness and beyond. It rarely contacts or attempts to keep relations with any foreign faction, only bothering when they feel they absolutely need to. This does not count for trade, which remains free and open.

Kleriel is most notable for its isolationism and secrecy, lack of a currency and drastically different economic system based on communes.

The state only admits citizenship to the Keelish, a member of any other species within the imperium are only granted residence status. Kleriel is a proud purist and self-reliant state which does not believe in multiculturalism, and wishes to build its own future its own way, with as minimum foreign help or interference. This, as well as intruding in to their territory without permission, can greatly displease them.


  • Crescera (Overworld): Home
  • Taurios (Nether): Visitation
  • Nemisan (The End): Visitation
  • Empyrean (SkyBlock): None
  • Aequus (Plots): None


  • Keelish:

The dominant race of people within Kleriel are the native Keelish. By an observer, they can be described as proud, tall, and slim, they are of varying skin tones, such as light purple, light blue, light red, cyan, and light green, sometimes with slightly darker stripes, and rarely pale white. Their head is considerably elongated and bald, and compared to humans they have slightly longer necks. The sclera part of their eyes are of a darker gray (almost black) color, while their irises are either bright white, blue, green, or yellow and with a subtle glow. The lower half of the leg is slightly bent backwards. They have three fingers on each of their two arms, and males have two main toes on each foot, while females have a third smaller one. Compared to humans, females are also observed having slightly wider hips to provide adequate room when birthing…

The Keelish are said to posses a substantially greater intelligence on average compared to other species. Their immune systems are very adaptable, but their physical build is weaker than any humans. They have extremely long lifespans, but are slow breeders. They are reluctant to trust any outsider due to the vastly different mindsets of other species who differ from their ideology, and the Keelish themselves are usually treated as unwelcome by the population in foreign nations due to their vastly different culture, customs, mindset, as well as appearance. The Keelish are very deep and emotional, and are not afraid to express their artistic souls. Loyalty and honour is valued above all else in Keelish society, and nothing is more important than one’s family and the continuation of the imperium.

What Keelish actually look like:
Keelish Portrait

Color variant examples:

  • Meerish:

The Meerish are a client race of the Keelish and are granted almost equal rights as they have. The Meerish are bulky dragon people from the northern provinces of Duskwind and Meerah. Their body is covered in scales, as is fit for any mythical dragon, and their eyes are most commonly bright yellow, green, and rarely red. The pupils of their eyes are narrow like, and they have pretty long lizard like tails. They have talon like feet, and have three fingers on each hand as well.

They are a proud and stubborn people, not the brightest kind, but very spiritually wise. They mostly occupy themselves with jobs requiring otherwise hard labour, or have enlisted in the army. They are far stronger and more enduring than any human, and twice so if compared to the Keelish, which is one of the reasons why they were able to keep their own by themselves for so long before being integrated in to the imperium. But where the Meerish have strength and endurance, the Keelish have numbers and tech. Upon joining Kleriel, the Meerish, being a tribal society at best, were easily integrated in to the Keelish system and have become a very productive part of the imperium.

Meerish People


Ruler & Ideal:

The Kleriel Imperium is ruled by Archon Zeer’Raan vas Kleriel with a divine mandate to preserve the legacy of their blessed ancestors, and spread Keelish civilisation so the world may know order. The Archon rules by right of heritage and possesses unlimited power in matters civil, military, economic, diplomatic, and others. However, having the power to bend anything to your will is rarely exercised, as Archons have been wise to govern with the assistance of many advisers. After great expansion efforts, Archon Raan had founded ‘‘The Conclave’’, an organisation consisting of many representatives from across the imperium tasked with governing it, discussing and making decisions on all matters of state, without needing much attention or involvement of the ruler.

Empress Zeer’Raan vas Kleriel

The military in government:

The Kleriel Imperium is an extremely militarised society. From its dawn, both its political and economic structures have stood to serve the Imperium’s armies. Having been harassed and continuously pillaged by the so called ‘‘hellspawn’’ from the hell biome west of their homeland, they have sought to make national defence and unity a priority, focusing great efforts to grow and equip their military of soldiers, as well as the civil population, all of whom are trained and prepared for combat since a very young age.

In the Imperium, there is no distinction between politicians and military officials, as they are one and the same. Military-governors are the rule, and the higher office in the military one holds, the more influence one holds in politics as well. There is a military governor for each region of Kleriel.

The Conclave:

The Conclave is a grand forum of representatives of almost each major settlement from across the Imperium, who convene a meet every few months to discuss internal affairs. As the Keelish are very emotional creatures, these meetings can be quite lively, as those Keelish who do not think they are being heard or taken seriously dramatically push their cause. The same kind of passion is seen during arguments between conflicting ideas, and can make these meetings quite lengthy. As such, the meet of the Conclave has become somewhat of a social event for the higher ups as well.

Each representative in the Conclave is usually someone notable from their locals, be it an innovative economist, a brilliant technician, the bravest of commanders, or simply the town elder.

The Circle:

The Circle is a group of few who the Archon, Zeer’Raan vas Kleriel herself has chosen to serve as her personal advisers. These individuals are of the highest ranking personnel in the Imperium, those positions being assigned to those who she trusts most.

Members of ‘‘The Circle’’ are:

  • Grand Marshal of the Legion - Han’Gerrel vas Fikk’til [NPC]
  • Grand Admiral of the Flotilla - Zaal’Koriss vas Lav’osh [NPC]
  • Lord Protector of Kleriel - Ara’Gottix vas Zha’til [Player]
  • Spymaster - undisclosed
  • Royal Physician - Daro’Xen vas Xell’osh [NPC]
  • Royal Mage - Kar’Danna vas Uriyah [NPC]
  • Royal Steward - Rael’Zorah vas Kha’Rann [NPC]


Ideology & Production:

The Kleriel Imperium’s economy is commune based, responsibility of maintaining a settlement’s economic productivity is shared amongst their residence, as are their tool and food stores. Keelish communal mindset and culture allows for an economic system without any forms of currency, residence exchange their time and labor in exchange for state ‘‘grants’’ to the local food and resources depots. This same mindset has also left Kleriel devoid of any corruption or greed, making publicly open ‘‘free’’ food and other depots possible. The Keelish can come to a depot and take of as much as anything they need, knowing that there is the rest of the entirety of their settlement feeding off of the same food supply, they are usually very reluctant to take anything extra, even though the storage is usually stocked with much more than what the settlement uses up, though sufficiently in case of emergency.


Kleriel’s economy functions via state ‘‘grants’’. An individual contributes his or hers skills to aid in any production, or either making or maintaining equipment, is an armed soldier defending against the horrors from beyond, is a healer, is a highly valued tinkerer, innovator, artist, political figure, or other, and in return receives the state’s ‘‘grant’’ or permission to access these depots. These depots are stocked equally through out the imperium with the same food stuffs, medicines, luxuries, tools, or resources for making tools, or other, but only somewhat above what the individual settlement is estimated to actually require. In the imperium, everyone pulls their own weight, so being a valid citizen is proof enough to have the most basic grants. Of course, these depots are always under guard, not from the Keelish themselves, since access to it affects their life and honour, but from outsiders.


The Imperium has grants attributed to different classes within its system, so the higher class an individual is part of, the more things they have access to. The classes of the imperium are:

  • Peon: Working class.
  • Vassal: Management class.
  • Imperial: Class of prominent thinkers, innovators, economists, and military officials.
  • Highborn: Royalty

Trade & Export:

Trade is practically non-existent within Kleriel, as nothing really belongs to any one individual, not the food, nor the tools, land, house, nor manor, they have simply acquired a grant for it from the state. So the people of Kleriel have nothing to trade, but Kleriel, as the nation, does. Kleriel traders are not independent merchants, but individuals working for the state who are simply transporting merchandise in its name.

Culture & Religion

Keelish Nature & Culture:

Link: click here

Keelish Writing:

A few example letters picked out of the 30 letter alphabet.

Example Letters

Keelish Religion:

Link: The ‘‘Origin-Faith’’!
Link: The Hammerite Order!


To learn a bit about Kleriel’s history in a timeline, click here!


To look at the Keelish military, one must understand its origins.

Some history:

Since the dawn of what would eventually become the Kleriel Imperium, the Keelish have always been at odds with their western neighbours of the hell biome, to which they refer to as ‘‘Hellspawn’’. These hellspawn are marauding demon like people who seasonally venture out of their homeland in hordes in attempts of expansion. The hellspawn are large and durable creatures compared to the weaker Keelish, but lucky for the Keelish, they are far more agile and strategically innovative. Even with their complex and quick manoeuvres, casualties for the Keelish were always in great numbers, but they always managed to push them back.

For centuries, the Keelish would only live to fight off horde after horde of invasions annually, with a victory being spent immediately preparing for the next one. The thought of migration has come to mind many times, but they knew that the hellspawn would only grow that way, and eventually reach them again far stronger. As such, a tight nit society was formed, where everyone needed to pull their weight and do their part for the cause. Loyalty and unity of the Keelish was not a thing of chance like in any other nation, it was an obligation, and the key to survival. Loyalty and trust have thus become the core tenants of Keelish culture.

In other words, the Keelish people, their nation, and its military were and still are a single entity aimed towards survival. The Imperium is not just a nation with whom to barter and interact with, it is a military, and its economy functions for the soul purpose of fuelling and growing it. Since the times of strife, when the hellspawn were a greater threat, the Keelish still train their young how to fight and use a sword and bow from a very young age.

All though in recent decades, things have become easier for the Keelish with the invention of gunpowder, and so many fortifications being built around their borders. In these prosperous times, they are finally able to use their resources for other things, not just the military.

Mandatory service:

As is the Keelish way, each individual must serve a mandatory 8 years of his life in the military, be it army or navy. Keelish having very long lifespans, that does not seem particularly long for them. During an individual’s mandatory service, he will spend the first few months in boot camp training and learning about the many varieties of weapons, simple tactics, and using other equipment. During this period, the trainee’s officers keep watch if any one of them show a natural affinity in a particular field, and might have greater potential. Those trainee’s who do show potential are then steered down their excelling path to build upon their abilities.

At the end of the 8 year mandatory service, those individuals who have proved average at best are allowed to return home or sign up to become a professional soldier, while those with potential are conscripted.


After the completion of their 4 year mandatory service in the military, every individual is obliged to report to their local militia if they decided to return home.

Every province have their own organised militia tasked with local defence. A militia rotates their men seasonally, so some will serve during winter, while others during spring, summer or fall. While on duty, militiamen still continue to train and keep their skills they obtained in the military in shape, and serving outside open to the elements makes them more resilient as well. Militias are thus a handy source of able conscripts should the military fall on hard times.

Militias are commanded by the provincial military-governor.

Professional army:

The main military force of the Imperium is made of full time soldiers who have spent most of their lives perfecting their skills. The Imperium strives to put individuals in to occupations most suited for them, but in times of need, people can be pushed out of their comfort zone in to new fields.

Military focus fields:

1. Foot soldiers:

  • Man-at-arms: Equipped with light armor, a shield, and armed with either a standard sword, mace, or axe, as well as a knife.
  • Knight: Equipped with heavy armor, a shield, and armed with either a variety of longswords, battleaxes, warhammers, or heavy flail, as well as a secondary standard sword.
  • Vanguard: Equipped with medium armor, no shield, usually wielding a variety of polearms, such as a pike, with a secondary standard sword or axe.
  • Ranger: Equipped with light to medium armor, a light shield and standard sword, with their primary weapons being bows and crossbows.
  • Archer: Equipped with light armor, no shield, equipped with either a longbow or heavy crossbow, and a standard sword.

2. Cavalry:

  • Kleinguard: Heavily armored cavalry units. Wielding a charging spear in an initial charge, they also have the standard Kleinguard’s sword, which is slightly longer than the foot soldier’s standard.
  • Outriders: Light to medium armored cavalry focused on staying away from the enemy while showering them with arrows and bolts. Equipped with bows and crossbows as well as a standard sword.

3. Artillery:

  • Balista: More rudimentary than other Keelish artillery, but nevertheless ruthlessly proficient at destroying their foes. Large versions of crossbows, launch large bolts at the enemy, guaranteed to take any soldier and his next few friends to their grave.
  • Trebuchet: A ballistic device using its swing arm to launch heavy projectiles across large distances without the aid of explosives.
  • Reaper: The Reapers are bolt throwers that are used at sea to clear the decks of enemy vessels, and on land to scythe down ranks of enemy warriors. A mechanism of counterweights and cords allow the Reaper to shoot a hail of bolts, or a single missile with force enough to pierce a Dragon’s hide. The bolts are barbed and difficult to remove from the wounds they inflict.
  • Canon: The cannon is a long-ranged, powerful weapon essential to the Keelish grand strategy. One of the most potent war machines, a cannon can shatter the most heavily armoured foe, pour shot into massed enemy formations, level a foe’s cities or fortifications and topple the largest of monsters. They are, however, somewhat temperamental devices, and even the best-forged cannon in the world (those made by Keelish, naturally) are subject to occasional malfunction. The slightest crack or premature ignition of gunpowder can result in devastating accidents. The Imperium is extra careful when training new cannoniers for this very reason.
  • Organ-gun: The four-barrelled Organ Gun is so called because its arrays of barrels resembles the pipes of a musical organ. The Organ Gun’s barrels are smaller and lighter than an ordinary cannon’s, which means it lacks that extreme range and hitting power, but has the advantage of firing a barrage of shots all at the same time. With a well-placed salvo, and all its barrels firing to maximum effect, an Organ Gun has been known to blow away entire enemy units at a time.

Imperial Navy:

With the Imperium enveloping the great inland Klein sea, it has been using ships as the main method of transportation. Quick and efficient, this has lead to a boom in seafaring with expansions being made on all shores. Focused on swiftness and manoeuvrability, Keelish ships are slim with triangular rigs to be able to easily navigate the sometimes narrow coves and rivers aside the open seas.

The imperium also boasts its slick airships, equipped with canons, reaper bolt throwers, and drop hatches for bombardment.

Visual representations of gear:

Armor Set

Sword & Bow:
Sword & Bow




Battleaxe & Warhammer:
Battleaxe & Warhammer


Region: KESADA

Kha’Rann (Capital WIP)

On the rather wide peninsula of Kesada, in a pleasantly warm plains biome, sits the crown jewel of Kleriel, the city of Kha’Rann. It is this city the Archon usually chooses as their place of residence, and is as such the political center of the imperium. Because of this, it is the most well guarded cities and provinces in Kleriel. Its central location in relation to the other settlements makes it a central trade hub as well.

Region: DAKKAR


Heastrom was the second built settlement of the Kleriel people. Situated on the banks of lake Klein, just down the way from Zeer’osh, its is a farming village known for its export of large quantities of sugar cane.


Latiodes is a small village in the middle of the Dakkar desert. It’s population consists of mainly workers of the near by sandstone quarry. It was here where first contact with the Vanguards was made.



Pell’osh is a purely farming town located in the southern part of Kleriel. It is in the middle of vast wheat fields and sits right on the road leading from Pithay to Haratar, which is the only built road connecting central Kleriel to its southern most province, and is thus a bustling trade route. To its north west are the Skaadi mountains, though which the road leads, and to its south east are the Sunshine plains, where Pithay lies.


Pithay is a cozy little town in the central-western edge of the Pallyrian plains, a short walk away from Rirk’osh. Its people mainly occupy themselves with tending to the many vineyards of the town, as well as farming.


Rirk’osh is a village primarily focused on the well being and development of its apiaries. Being home to a number of farms also, its specialty is the production of fine honeys.



Uriyah is a village located in the dense jungle forest located east of Pell’osh. Ever since the discovery of the mysterious ancient tower towering above the jungle, which architecture the Keelish connected to their ‘‘Ancestors’’, they have been making continuously stubborn efforts to colonize and expand in to the region. As the area is extremely densely overgrown with large trees, wood has become one of the main exports of Uriyah, as they attempt to clear more area for their growing settlement. Otherwise, sugarcane farming has also become quite popular in these parts.

Region: SKAADI


Zha’til is a castle built high up in the mountain peaks of the Skaadi mountain range. It is located on the western edge of the mountains facing the Dakkar desert. It is situated on a plateau in the side of the mountain which the Keelish have dug out themselves, and is in a very defendable position. Zha’til is also home to Ara’Gottix, Lord Protector of Kleriel and her holdings. The castle has a garden as well, which can sustain a small garrison, along with plenty of materials on hand in its depot just outside the inner keep, should the castle ever need any repairs. Its inner keep has been dug inside of the mountain itself, and offers superior protection to any form of bombardment or siege, that is until its underground storage doesn’t run out of supplies to sustain its defenders.


The oldest presumed settlement of Kleriel. It is a small farming village growing wheat, vegetables, and sugar cane. It also has a small mine at the base of the mountain range it borders with.


Fikk’til is a larger fortress situated on the northern most edge of the Skaadi mountain range. Its on a slight slope from the top of a mountain and continues down to the beginning of the desert. It has a clear view of all its surroundings, including the sea somewhat north east of it. Armed with heavy artillery, it can defend its superior position with ease.


Hara’til is a fortified mountain top armed with heavy artillery above the desert just a bit away from Haratar. Its main purpose is to rain death upon any invading horde that dare come this way. It is thought to be one of the highest and most impenetrable fortresses in the imperium, and also stands guard above the main road running through the entirety of Kleriel, as well as covers one of the wider mountain passages deeper in to the imperium.


Haratar is a larger trading post in the southern territories of Kleriel. Used mainly as a safe haven for merchants, it has a defensive wall and a stationed military unit to ward off raiders.

Region: NISHTA


Lav’osh is a port town on the north eastern coast of the great lake Klein, founded by early farmers, it grew in to a trade port with established trade between Kleriel and Mon-Taizon. It lies relatively close to the border, and serves as a fortified stronghold for the imperium in the region as well.


Fer’osh is your average village located in the northern territories of Kleriel. Lying not far east of Adas, in an old spruce forest, its population is mainly occupied with the lumber industry. It is located right off the coast of lake Klein, so it easily exports its produce to the rest of the imperium.


Adas is a small village in the northern most part of Kleriel, located somewhat inland from the mighty lake Klein. It is located in the middle of a wide plains land, and the population consists of mainly shepherds. It is quite old, but is still considered a frontier settlement, as it sits on the outer border of Kleriel near yet uncharted territories.

Region: MEERAH


Keddir is a sleepy snowy town in the central snow lands of Meerih. It started out as a mining town to exploit the ore rich underground but eventually grew to become the main exporter of dark oak. Growth was slow at first, due to the unwelcoming climate, but exploded once it was obvious how resource rich the region was.



Village = Village
Town = Town
Town + Dock = Port
Capital = Capital
Stone Tower = Fort/Castle
Watchtower = Watchtower/Camp/Outpost

White = Snow/Ice biome
Yellow = Desert/Mesa biome
Red = Hell biome

Kleriel’s foreign relations:

  • Ebongrasp - Wary - ‘‘They are extremely competitive, ruthless, and power hungry.’’ (Eastern Concorde)
  • Charkov - Hopeful - ‘‘Their old Lord is dead, and their new ruler is way more receptive.’’ (Co-coalition member)
  • Ayrith - Warm - (Eastern Concorde - Co-coalition member)
  • Graymanes - Distrustful - ‘‘Double time traitors.’’ (Vas’Volsung)
  • Brotherhood of the Yellow Cloak - Dislikes - ‘‘Allied to those who used us.’’ (Vas’Volsung)
  • Milites - Dismissive - ‘‘Irrelevant order.’’ (Vas’Volsung)
  • Vanguard - Dismissive - ‘‘They hold great material wealth in lands where they utmost value gold. Pitiful.’’
  • Wyvernsdale & The Northern Realm - Defencive - (Co-coalition member - Former Altor)
  • Empyrian Kingdom - Wary - ‘‘A very old society, the age and wisdom of which demands respect.’’
  • Axcom Industries - Wary - ‘‘They traverse the skies and void in the same way our ancestors did in legend.’’
  • Mon-Taizon - Protective - ‘‘They are a resource we can use.’’

[RP Character] Ara'Gottix (old)

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