[Tier III RP Faction] Charkov



Brief introduction.

  1. History
  2. Origin
  3. General History
  4. Recent Events
  5. Structure
  6. Government / Leadership Structure
  7. Settlements / Facilities
  8. Military
  9. Diplomacy
  10. Historical Diplomacy. Attitudes to war and peace.
  11. Modern Diplomacy. Attitudes to war and peace.
  12. Relations. Attitude to other factions.
  13. Important People
  14. Fundamentals
  15. Culture / Traditions.
  16. Religion / Philosophies.
  17. Technology / Magic.

The Charkovian people have lived on the continent they currently live on for centuries. It used to be split into a lot of smaller petty kingdoms but after lots of wars one kingdom remained and was renamed after the people that inhabited it, Charkov. The kingdom has gotten on the rise recently after the final divide was bridged and the kingdom could start rebuilding the continent as one.
General History
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Current Events
Recently the confederation of Ironglade has been betrayed by three of its core members. This has put the kingdom on edge with several of the traitor factions.

The kingdom is like most other kingdoms, a feudal monarchy where the monarch holds absolute power. Despite the monarch being the sole ruler there is a council which helps control the kingdom and has a certain degree of power within the kingdom.
Sleat is currently the biggest city inside the kingdom, it mainly houses merchants and wealthy people. It is also the seat of the religious head of Charkov.

Burg Feldsturm
One of the oldest keeps in the kingdom, it is the current seat of the king and his advisors.

Steinfried Tor
Deep in the Charkovian highlands stands an ancient but well kept tower. It has served as a mountain retreat to the royal family of Charkov for centuries and rulers often go there to think, write and to have some alone-time, away from court. It is named after the first explorer of the Charkovian mountains and a distant relative of the von Feldsturm family.

Originally intended to serve as headquarters of the army, it now temporarily serves as residence and capital of the Charkovian kingdom. It is the traditional seat of the high general of the Charkovian army.

Neudorff is a small town with a tiny farm and a small fort to keep the peasants living there safe. It was established as a trading colony far from the Charkovian continent.

A recently conquered port city known as ‘‘The underground’’ is mostly known as home of the thievesguild and there being much criminal activity. It’s situated under a large arch bursting out from under the water, local’s often claim it is an ancient tentacle from a beast long dead.

In the middle of the farmlands stands the ancestral seat of the Von Drakenborg family. It’s current ruler is Ragnar von Drakenborg. It is named Drakenborg because according to legend a dragon tormenting the local farmlands was slain on the exact spot the castle was built.

Die gesinkte kasteel
Or the sunken castle as it is known outside of Charkov is said to be the greatest castle ever constructed with a million rooms for the king and a million more for his servants. It is said to have sunken into the earth after the coronation of king Ferdinand IV ‘‘the mad’’. Many people claim this castle has never exsisted but to this day there are still expeditions heading into the tunnels that are supposed to lead to the castles long abandoned halls.

The Charkovian military is divided into five branches:
The Charkovian army
The main army of the kingdom. This is the army that does the heavy lifting in times of war. While somewhat lacking in proper equipment, it has a huge manpower reserve and a lot of eager recruits waiting to see battle.

The order of the cornucopia
The order of the cornucopia is a small but well trained knightly order with the head of the state traditionally as grandmaster. Unlike the other army branches this one allows foreign nobles to join and knights can simply refuse a call to arms from its grandmaster if they so desire. It’s main goal is to protect the poor wherever they go and be an example of what all men should be.

The foreign legion
The foreign legion is mostly made up out of foreign volunteers, non-humans, mages and mercenaries. It is also known for taking in misfits of any kind and for having a very low recruitment standard.

The legion of the sun
Unlike the other branches of the Charkovian army the legion of the sun is comanded by the high priest rather than the king. This has made the legion of the sun a very controversial yet very powerful branch of the army. The legion of the sun, while funded by the Charkovian government, acts completely on its own and purely in the intrests of the church of solar.

The Charkovian royal navy
The navy is responsible for protectign merchants and fishermen and simply keeping the peace, even on the sea. Due to its rare usage, the navy is rather lacking and very few ships are fully manned.

Historical Diplomacy
The kingdom has always tried to be as self-reliant as possible, one exception is Ebongrasp however. With whom they have been allied for as long as history can remember. The kingdom even went as far as to enter into a confederation with Ebongrasp.
Modern Diplomacy
Comming soon
Ebongrasp - Neutral '‘Our ancient friends recently pushed our kingdom around like a pawn in their petty game’'
Kleriel - Coalition Co-Member '‘They happen to be in the same coalition, they are still inferior however’'
Greymane’s - Neutral Raiders from the harsh coldlands, potentially useful’'
Yellow cloaks - Neutral '‘As long as these thieves stay out of our lands we don’t care’'
Mon-Taizon - Neutral '‘They provide us with resources, but this works both ways’'
Northern Realm - Friendly/Coalition Co-Member "Trade route has been established along with temporary defence pact’'
Ayrith - Coalition Co-Member '‘Small religious state, heretics, important to keep their missionaries out’'
Grimguard - Hostile

Konrad II von Feldsturm / Matspls
King Konrad II is the current king of Charkov and grandmaster of the order of the Cornucopia. He has been missing without a trace as of recently.
Ragnar von Drakenborg / NPC
Ragnar von Drakenborg is a lord of Drakenborg and a powerful noble. The family von Drakenborg rules over a large part of the Charkovian farms which has made them rather rich.
Friedrich von Steinfried / Clumsypvp
As one of the few remaining relatives to the late king, Friedrich was seen as the rightful heir by most of the realm. Experiencend on the field of battle but lacking in diplomatic courtesy, Friedrich is keeping the realm together but faces challenges in ruling it.

Culture / Traditions
Charkovian culture is all about agriculture and food. It also has some of the finest smiths in the entire world and usually sells steel and food to their Ebongraspian allies. This has made the Charkovian culture closely related to the Ebongraspian culture.
Charkov is dealing with a massive overpopulation problem, so every decade a massive raiding party gets assembled to loot, enslave and terrorize the forrest tribes. All in order to curb the Charkovian population. A great draft is usually held to determine who are going, all prisoners get sent on the raid too. Volunteers get accepted too, but those are mainly soldiers from previous wars, haunted by the loss of their comrades (or a limb) they usually not accepted back into the army, thus serving their nation in some other way. Due to a lack of proper equipment this party usually wears the ragged uniforms worn by soldiers that fought in battles years ago.
Daily life
Life in the kingdom depends on two things, the family you were born in to, and the province you were born.
Provinces closer to the capital are often richer and have a higher standard of living, while the outer edges of the kingdom are full of misery and the even the nobility in the outer provinces are considered a ‘‘lesser’’ type of nobility by the richer families of the heartlands.
Religion / Philosophies
The sun or ‘‘solar’’ is worshipped in the kingdom, the prophecy of the second moon states that the moon was once a sun but not enough people worshipped it and it died out. The moon is the counterpart of the sun and is often asociated with evil and the undead, whereas the sun is considered sacred and burns the undead. Before the church of Solar rose to prominence the people worshipped all aspects of nature with, the now persecuted, mages and druids acting as translators between nature and man.
Religious unity is enforced and heretics and non believers are burnt at the stake.


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Declaration of independence

When the Charkovian king went missing without a trace and without an heir the kingdom was temporarily under the control of Ebongrasp, but failing to keep the peace the Charkovian nobles rallied to the head of a cadet branch of the house von Feldsturm that was currently serving as general of the Charkovian armed forces.

This noble by the name of Friedrich von Steinfried has taken the throne as regent and has declared independence from the Ebongraspian empire and all other would be invaders.

He now rules from his seat of Leeuwen, challenging anyone that would lay claim to his half brothers throne, and ruling in his stead.

The treaty of the eastern concorde has also been declared null and void.


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