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Unit of highly trained fighters and warriors. They live in the Winterkeep, and are devoted to their home and to their commander, Georgar Shocklord. They welcome good soldiers, planners, and thinkers into their ranks!
The current concept art behind the Grimguard’s banner.

  1. History
  2. Structure
  3. Diplomacy
  4. Important People

The Grimguard was formed by Georgar Shocklord, the military commander of the Northern Realm. Upon becoming dissatisfied with the endless politics of the lords, he broke away, declaring his independence, followed by his own personal troops. They retreated to Shocklord’s home near Wyvernsdale, making it their temporary home. Disbanded for a time, they have risen again. For awhile after the split with the Northern Realm, no harm seemed to come of it. However , after an assassination attempt against Georgar Shocklord, during which King Frostwither of the Northern Realm was killed, war preparations began both by the Grimguard and the Northern Realm. After a few aggressive moves by the Guard, Shocklord extended an offer of peace. However, once they had allied with Kleriel, and joined the Anti-Grimguard Coalition, war once again broke out. After multiple battles around the Winterkeep, in which many on both sides were slain, the main Grimguard army was forced back into the castle. After seeing the hopelessness of their position, a conspiracy was formed, which assassinated their commander. In the immediate aftermath, the castle was destroyed by the few remaining loyalists, who detonated the explosives placed underneath the castle, killing the most of the members.


These, in the day when heaven was falling,

The hour when earth’s foundations fled,

Followed their mercenary calling,

And took their wages, and are dead.

The Guard is divided into two houses, the House of Swords and the House of Bows. The House of Swords is composed of heavily armored knights who use two handed swords, tower shields, and one-handed swords. The House of Bows is made up of the rangers who joined the secession who are crack shot with their long bows, and who rely on a sword and a knife in close combat. Both houses answer to Shocklord, who also has a small unit of men called shock troopers at his disposal. They have full plate armor, and large claymores. All men are required to learning riding, and how to fight from horseback, but the Grimguard has few horsemen, barely 500 in total.
The Grimguard is a society of men, and is growing as more outcast individuals join their ranks. Once a memeber has grown too old to continue fighting, the Grimguard will purchase him a home in whatever city or country he desires.
No women are allowed inside the Winterkeep, in order to prevent a break-down in discipline. Anyone wishing to prove himself worthy of being a member must first make his way unaided to the Winterkeep, and then must under-go a training regime worthy of the Lifeguards of Ebonsgrasp. If he shows skill with the sword, he is placed in that House. Likewise, skilled archers are placed with the rangers.

The upkeep of their armor and weapons is the responsibility of those Grimguard members who are skilled in metalworking. They make good weapons, armor, and siege weapons, but lack a understanding of the ways of magic. The money that fuels the funding for the Grimguard is provided from the proceeds of gigantic mines that run along the inside of the mountain. The resources thus obtained are either sold to other nations, or used as building materials. The Winterkeep is also positioned near some large lakes, allowing the growth of several small fishing villages. The men are scattered throughout these villages and the castle itself, but in times of war and danger can form up at the Winterkeep in a short time. A large village is sprawled across the plains nearby, and the Grimguard levy a small tax in return for protection and aid.
After much negotiation, Shocklord struck a deal with the people of Mon-Taizon. In return for precious metals, gold and silver, along with wheat along with ores such as coal and iron, the Grimguard receives wheat, meat, beer, and ale.
In addition to these sources of income, the Vanguard has displayed a full-hearted support for the mountain warriors, and funds a great deal of their weapons, armor, horses, and stone.
The mainstay that upholds the Grimguard’s equipment however, is the massive farms built inside the mountain. They grow wheat, potatoes, and a small amount of coffee beans. (Georgar and his lieutenants are rather fond of the brew.)

Kleriel Imperium - Neutral.
The Ebonsgraspian Empire - Neutral.
The Northern Realm - Neutral.
Ayrith - Neutral.
Charkov - Neutral.
Mon-Taizon - Neutral.
Gaslamp Society - Unknown.
Milites Knights - Unknown.
Vanguard - Neutral…

Commander Shocklord @SirGeorgar

The Winterkeep - The main base of operation for the group is a massive fortress that sprawls across a massive mountain. It guards the entrances to the gigantic mines, armories, and underground farms that are the real backbone of the Guard. The castle is a recent construction, having been finished by Shocklord after a few years of work. The city is constantly expanding, due to the recent growth in volunteers, and as Georgar prepares to welcome more than just the Grimguard into his lair.


Jet’v nhi bonh, commander!

Just to be clear, do you still command the NR forces, or have you devoted yourself completely to the Grimguard?


I’m a ally of the NR, but I am now a free Lord. I’m no longer serving as commander of your armies. I can be hired though…


Updates diplomacy and reformed the working of the unit.


You are insulted by OUR attitude? Who was the one that broke in to my castle, refused to show any respect until he was disarmed and humiliated in the process because he couldn’t simply do as i asked, and then came back to siege my castle!?


“Everyone here is reasonable, except Georgar…”


Oh… right.


Update coming soon. Slightly expanded diplomacy.


Added economy and updated history. Also fixed the diplomacy, adding the Milites and changing the relationship with the Northern Realm.


slightly updated economy and diploomacy again, esp. with the Vanguard.


Slightly updated military, adding horsemen, and fixing a few grammatical mistakes. BIG update in the next few weeks.


Tier II lmao.
If that’s so, we need more tiers xD


Thousand of soldiers mate. I have 8k, according to Ara. I’m not a normal faction either. Please dont start a “I can have this, no you can’t!” arguement.


This was the breakdown Arios described of the proposed tier system.

Even though Arios uses Grimguard as an example of a Tier 2 faction I would have to disagree since Grimguard are a splinter group of the Northern Realm, who I believe to be a low Tier 3 if not a high Tier 2. The former Altori Empire would’ve been a Tier 3 for context and still weak in comparison to Ebongrasp or Kleriel.

Now, although Grimguard has the numbers to be a Tier 2 I don’t believe they have the political influence or architectural strength (in terms of settlements) to be labeled as a Tier 2.

I’m not saying Grimguard doesn’t have potential to be a Tier 2, but with the current lore and physical evidence, I’d suggest it be a Tier 1. Especially due to this definition:
This would be a small dukedom or independent city, or barbarian tribe.

If you wish to discuss this, please do not hesitate to contact me so we can talk it over. :slight_smile:

I’m OK with considering factions ‘weak’ or ‘strong’ Tiers (as opposed to making more tiers). Like explained above Kleriel and Ebongrasp are strong Tier 3’s, but Altori would be a weak Tier 3. Vangles would’ve been a weak Tier 4. House Arbor started as a weak Tier 3, but ended up being a strong Tier 3.


I’m not seeing this tier 2 thing either. Consider this, Shatter built the kingdom of ayrith with a capital city, multiple villages, is rich, and holds great influence in the eastern concorde, meanwhile the grimguard are being played as a splinter group of the NR who pose as mercenaries, who all ive seen they have is a small castle.

To me, the difference is bigger than being considered a stronger or weaker tier 2.

When you asked me how much manpower you had, i said 8k. By that i mean your entire population that you could manage to upkeep and feed in your entire biome, not castle alone, because as siil said, a castle housing 3k men would be pushing it. But when we were talking about the NR, i did mean 15k to 20k soldiers.

So durring your current conflict with the NR where you wish to invade them, you would have all 8k of your people, combantants and otherwise, pick up arms and march? Nobody left behind to garrison your holdings and patrol your territory? Nobody working for produce? Nobody running supplies to your forces from home?

Not even vikings did that.


During medieval times, it was considered normal for a castle to have no larger a garrison than, say, between 50 and 300 soldiers. Logical, since these are full-time warriors who, as has been said before, were ridiculously expensive to maintain. They had to be trained, fed and equipped at the lord’s expense, and none but the most powerful of lords could afford to maintain an army of them.

Of course, in times of war you’ll be levying the largest part of your army from the peasant class and the landed farmers and nobles (who’d generally be better equipped). Still, keeping a force of 3k men in a single castle would indeed be very much pushing it. You’d have to find beds and housing for all these men, and you would also have to feed them.

With regards to the food requirements, let’s get a wee bit technical. Roman garrisons would keep cattle and plots for vegetables near their garrisons. Even with that, it’s been estimated that a Roman soldier ate roughly 1/3 of a ton of grain each year. That’s almost 1kg per day per soldier.
(333/365)*3000 = ~2737kg. A garrison of 3000 men eats roughly 2737kg of grain per day. Now, the average yield among Anglo-Saxon farmers was roughly 8 bushels, or 216kg, per acre. Yearly. This means that every single day, a garrison of 3000 men eats the equivalent of more than 12 acres of wheat. An acre, by the way, is a square plot of land roughly 63m². The average Anglo-Saxon farm would have roughly 3 acres of land. This means that such a garrison would eat the combined yearly production of four households every single day. And that is when the farmers aren’t eating themselves.

Tossing armies of thousands and thousands of men around isn’t as simple as it sounds.


This reply is directed at some posts that were made in response to this topic, that no longer exist, due to me removing them.

This was my concern in the first place. RP is meant to be a place of ‘Open RP’. Pretty much you can do whatever you want, even if it doesn’t make technical sense. We can make suggestions/comparisons all day long, but if Georgar wants to label himself as bigger as his faction appears - so be it. And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can simply claim ignorance of their existence in their lore.

Georgar made the simple request to bring the discussion elsewhere, so not to spam up this topic that he has spent time writing. And then he gets insulted again, in of all places - his topic. That’s not cool, at all. I’ve deleted unnecessary replies, and as a warning - If this happens again I will remove people from the RP Group. It is a privilege, not a right.


Jon, thats why we are having this discussion on which tier the Grimguard should be and what it has, because we are using the tiers as a rough estimate of what one can have based on what one has ingame (to which you yourself said you support), which is a system, a system he himself has obviously adopted and put in to the title of his topic, so it is not ‘‘you can do whatever you want without it making logical sense’’.


Actually, Ara, he can. Georgar can make wildly outragenous claims about his army and his faction and whatever he wants, and if the staff is ok with it then he’ll be Tier IV. That’s the entire point of the system - it’s voluntary, very global, and only concerns the faction owner and the staff, in this case Jon.

We can rage all we want, we can claim that it’s unrealistic and should not be a thing, but it’s not up to us. Kindly deal with it.


That’s fine, but it was requested the discussion brought elsewhere, which is why I intervened. Again, even with a system I support ‘officially’, I will still argue Open RP is more important that that. Even if Grimguard are going to ignore the proposed system/suggestions I’m not going to put my foot down on that, sorry. The tier system is simply a tool that can be used to meet compromises. I have started to discuss Georgar’s plans for the future (and why he believes he is a Tier 2). That’s the most I can do as a ‘mediator’ in all this.

Pretty much, thank you.