The Introduction of Ahtheboy


I never saw you join the server for the first time before the reset, and I only saw you a couple of times. The first time I saw you was on February 28, 2016, and I saw you speak twice after that.


holychicken2? I’ve got a seven :o


So you have a file on all of us? Or do you have a long list of interactions you have to sift through to find when was the 1st time you saw people, and how many times you saw them speak?


I have a text file for the old WOA world, and the latest WOA world after the reset. I also have a log complete with screenshots for the development stage of ROA and the current ROA server. These logs only consist of what I see when I am online.


Yes but do you sort them to specific events/times/people/places?


I haven’t been doing that.


lol this could be a service you offer in exchange for gold ingots :slight_smile: #entrepreneurship


say, when did you first meet me (samcv)?


When did I first show up :wink: (NyxLG)