The Introduction of Ahtheboy


Hello, I am someone who found this community in July of 2015, and I have made several blender minecraft animations. It might also be interesting to know that I have organized documentation of my experiences on WOA, and I am looking forward to being involved with this server as well.

I was on the old WoA server before both of the resets, and I gradually began having less and less time to be involved. I built two houses in the first world available in WoA, and I built another two in the second world. I only lived in one base during the latest period of WoA before it shut down, and I was very inactive during this period.
My previous animations including people in this community:
First animation:

Second animation:

Third animation (I began using the cycles render system for the relatively grainy night scene):


I joined WoA for the first time at exactly 9:12:16 AM on Monday, 2015-07-06 (July 6th) in the time zone of UTC-4.

There are more things that I could say, but I don’t have much time to do so right now.


You documented ALL your experiences? That’s… odd, but consider me impressed. In-game only or forum as well?


It was only in game, and there might have been one or two times when I logged on with a different computer and forgot to transfer the logs and screenshots.


You’re almost as bad as Giultyspark who wrote everything down in in-game journals. Why did you have a such an interest to take note and save everything?


It is interesting information. For example, I can quickly figure out when I first saw you log out in chat. This happened on October 17, 2015 at 10:09:12 AM in my timezone. I even made a short python script to print the log in real time based on the time stamp.


my body is very clear, ty


Just think of all the times I have been present on the server capturing information…
I am happy to do the same thing on this server!


I think we’ve just gotten our very own shadow broker…


Did you capture the time when I re-nicked myself into like 7 different names and had conversations between each individual name?


Clearly by your player head, you are Morgan Freeman as god in bruce almighty, and you are all powerful and all knowing. (Falls to knees) welcome back ;_;


Was this before or after March 3, 2017, when I first saw you say “Hello.”?


I have no idea.


I have a better question…
What were the nicknames that you used?
(I am sorry for taking a while to respond, I have been very busy for the past 27 hours.)



The only two I remembered were Cept, TheRealCept, DefineatlyNOTcept, and some other variant.

If it helps, a couple other people decided to mess around too and changed their nickname to something like that. “TheOnlyCept” kinda stuff.

I can’t really remember exactly, though, so this may not help.


I remember Scykros :]


Here is a scene from my next animation. I have started to use compositing as well.


can you tell me when I joined WoA then? haha! I can’t remember how long I’ve been a member of the community so I guessed. late 2015 maybe? or was it sprint 2016?


I’d be interested in knowing that too, I recall first showing up somewhere around late 2015.


The very first time I saw your name, Holychicken2, on WOA was on February 15, 2016.