The Dwarves of the 4th Age


The Dwarves of the 4th Age have provided their history via the link The History of the Dwarves

The Dwarves of the 4th Age…

On finding this new world, the Dwarves have scoured the landscape to all 4 corners of it looking for their perfect home … Unable to locate a mountain that they considered would be of such a scale that could be their new home, they came to a revelation … Why find a mountain when we can build one …

The land that they found was flat for the most part, which for the dwarves was ideal …

The time of the flattening … has been and gone, the dwarves believed it would be best to build some of their great towers and the entrance to their new home before embarking on building the mountain itself …

On the dawn of the first night after the flattening, the first tower had begun to make shape, for some reason the dwarves had begun building in the centre of the area that they had established…

The next stage was where they would decide on placing an entrance, looking at all the land they had acquired, which included removing the home of a local hobbit who was rehomed not far away from the entrance, they decided to have a southerly exit, that would one day maybe point out to another settlement.

On building some of the towers, work began on the arduous task of building up a mountain side, as they had already built the entrance way, work began at the south of the area first …

Progress will continue as the dwarves are determined to finish their mountain, however the updates may be few and far between on this post.

For those wishing to visit to see the Dwarven Wonder for themselves since the magic of Keystones has brought to the world, they have since created one at the entrance to their new home.

The Code for the Keystone is :- Cobblestone, Cobblestone, Cobblestone

Now that the Dwarves are settled they have almost completed their mountain, however they still have alot more to do on the outside and within …

Refugees from the a World of Men village found themselves outside the Dwarves new home, asking if they could settle in the area. The Dwarves unlike what was rumoured were happy for this and built extra travelways throughout the nearby mountain to connect the two settlements together, amongst which they helped the Men build a new drydock partially within the mountainside.
It was not long before the settlement grew amongst the houses a Tavern, Warehouse, Harbour Master, Blacksmith & Hotel have been built in the area.

The Code for the Keystone is :- Cobblestone, Cobblestone, Dirt


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Almost finished mountain…pls


A cobblestone/stone/gray clay (or similar) mask might look good for the very steep cliffs. Loving how this is turning out so far :slight_smile:



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Them refugees are probably coming from my part of the world…


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