Thanius' Build Team Application


About You: I’m 15 years old and live in England, I aspire to be a photographer in the future and I’ve loved building for years.
Preferred Building Style: medieval/fantasy (up for trying anything tho)
Previous Build Team Experience: I’m currently on the build team for another server, I can include details if needed.
World Edit Experience: I can do the basics, brushes, etc.
What would you like to learn?: How to build industrial stuff
Link to Screenshots:


Speaking from past applications, it’s usually a good idea to have some projects on the plot world itself in RoA so the Build Leaders can take a look at the applications in person. But other then that minor detail the Builds look quite impressive. They are all yours correct?


correct, I can edit the post to add some of the builds which I’ve done ingame if it helps.


That would be for the best.


ya builds, be beautiful. Your city planning could use work but overall I rate this and eight outta eight after contemplate…-tion time


Hm. I’m not sure. You build medieval and you build it well, but it is not distinctive from the medieval buildings so many other people make. We’ve already got many good medieval builders in the build team.

Can I ask what makes your style personal and unique?


After looking over the imgur folder, I’ve realised that a lot of the builds in there are my older builds and don’t look as good as my newer constructions, I’ve deleted a few of the posts in there and I’m going to add the builds I’ve made on allura and some of my other newer builds. Also, on Ario’s point, I’d say what makes my builds unique is that I try to mix styles with other styles and make them look good together. I also try to make different roofs for builds which you’d expect to have a normal style of roof, again trying to make it look good and fixt in with the build. I hope this helps you make your decision. :smiley: