Test Application


IGN Name: Claire88c
About You: Australian, sarcastic.
Preferred Building Style: Chameleon, I’m very good at copying anyone’s style.
Previous Build Team Experience: Ran 2 build teams have had a build featured at Minecon
Worldedit Experience: Taught most of the staff
What would you like to learn?: How to be more humble
Link to Screenshots:


I approve! x3


Accepted!!! to awesome


i think you would make a great edition to the staff welcome to allura


I vote yes


Sorry, we already have a “Claire”. c:


Hello Claire88c, thanks for applying!

I’ve considered your …somewhat sparse… application. I have several concerns, not limited to:

  • Abuse of cats
  • Inexplicable cult formation
  • Bookshelf overdose

However, in light of not getting fired, Welcome to the team!

please don’t kill me


there is no such thing as too many bookshelves

or books


Bookshelf overdose can lead to a life sentence though