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Here you will find guidelines and information on the inner workings of the build server, as well as links to key pages of the builder forums for ranks, projects and more.

In between major projects, things like PVP maps, mini games, spawn areas and other more ambitious endeavors, were going to be building towns and cities. Since a huge bulk of projects we do are already in the form of towns and architecture, this is a great thing to have ongoing. To make this more fun and immersive, we’ve implemented a natural landscape, a giant 8kx8k world, where as in the past it was only a flat plot world. In this world were going to be as realistic and role-play oriented as possible. And to top it all off, we encourage all players, whether you part of the build team or not, to come and explore whats being built. Certain area’s will be off limit to lower ranks or will be restricted to invite only, so read up on the Ranks, and participate when you can. If you haven’t made an Application to join us yet, please do!

Towns and Cities:

We want everyone to keep in mind that these towns are not just for decoration. There is a good chance that what you’ve built in them will be used for major projects later, and quite possibly used for future adventure maps. Whether its just one section, or the whole thing, we mean to put it to use. On top of that, a lot of the major things like arena’s and spawn areas can be implemented in these towns as well, so if you want to build an arena, and you have the permission to, go ahead!

Current towns: Mountain Peak, Roman Capital, Gothic City, Skyblock Spawn

All builds you do within a town must be of reasonable size and match the ongoing style. We will build a showcase of examples for those who are newer to building and need References, and it will be part of the tutorial for new builders.
Under no circumstance are you permitted to build a new town without the direct permission from staff, the point of this is to keep our current projects progressing.


The wilderness can be defined by any area outside the borders of any town currently existing. While new towns are not permitted, you can still build there if you follow these guidelines.

  • Make sure your build is connected to an existing road, do not create new roads unless staff asks you to.
  • Create a lived-in feel, make sure its close to a location that would make sense, where settlers could gather supplies, etc.
  • Do not grief the landscape
  • A town, and a settlement are two different things. Do not build more than 2-3 structures in one area.
  • Ask staff to clarify when starting.

When you make anything on the build server, your expected to use The default game textures, and turn off any shader’s. If you think your builds look bad in default and no shader’s, then it needs to be redone, that’s all there is to it. Everyone needs to be on the same page to avoid confusion.

Mods like schematica are off limits for any sort of printing or ghost display, all your builds need to be original and if you need your work moved to the build server, you can ask a staff member, and we’ll import the schematic. We have tools that detect this kind of behavior, you will get caught if you plagiarize.


No-one expects your builds to come out polished on your first try making it, even if your on the build team. But there is a level of quality we expect, and the only way achieve it is to give constructive criticism when it is needed, so don’t be offended if we ask you to change something, If your making something big, be sure to check with us more often to avoid having to undo big portions.

If your asked to change something, and you refuse to or you ignore the request, the build will be subject to removal. Same thing goes if you start new projects and don’t finish your previous work, that unfinished work can be removed. If you don’t have more than one project, you have up to a week before it can be moved and 2 weeks before it can be deleted. Anything you need more time on, you need to let a build leader know directly.

We will update this guide soon, so check up every so often.
Cheers You’re friendly neighborhood build leaders.

Description of Builder Ranks

Updated. 10/9/2017