Team Allura Application


here @ShinyNate I have a build application for team allura on behalf of the red team on our game of bedwars. It’s a modern style house:

IGN Name: some asshole red players on (((a very popular minigame based server)))
About You: likes breaking bridges, building houses, killing samcv like a douche
Preferred Building Style: modern obviously
Previous Build Team Experience: Red Build Team
Worldedit Experience: nah
What would you like to learn?: How to not be a total asshat to sam
Link to Screenshots:


Accept this already


this is the best build app i’ve ever seen


The dedication to the palette is what makes this build stand out from the rest. The complete lack of attention to contrast of color provides this build with a great minimalist vibe to it and is frankly very effective. My only criticism is that the build appears to be incomplete. I would like to see this finished at some point, but I will take into account that someone probably griefed your beautiful build with fireballs or something like that.


I can’t tell if this is serious or not lol


This is a single build from… what I imagine is a cruddy fort in sky wars or something similar?
I cant take this seriously sorry xD


Cruddy? I call it efficient use of time and limited resources. Do you understand how difficult it is to gather that many blocks within a limited time span while AT WAR? This is a skill that is an untapped potential within build teams. Many build team members are spoiled brats, the artistic type that has had ‘training’. Yet these builders, these raw innovative builders, are able to do so under great pressure where they face death straight on and say “F U I’m building”.


Pffft, fanboy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like it, but it’s not a very formal application. I’ll rank you to apprentice and you can do a physical application, but a build like that is not going to cut it, it needs to be a well planned and thought out build for me to rank you to novice.


I can’t tell if Nate doesn’t get the joke or really gets the joke


Sam, you can’t apply for a build team on behalf of other people. So in future point them in the correct direction… you know… in between trash talking them. :slight_smile: