Taking A Break


Music goes to add/remove programs.
Deletes Steam.
Deletes Discord.
Deletes Minecraft.
Deletes every other game he can find…including the ones he got in questionable ways :stuck_out_tongue:
Sits back, relaxes with a big cup of tea, and begins doing differential equations homework.

Hey guys!

SO yeah. The spring semester is starting back up. I’ve been pretty distracted recently by video games and my involvement in RoA, and it’s been getting in the way of my school work. So it’s farewell for now. I might be back now and then, but if I am, tbh you should tell me to log off and go be busy. It’s been fun building and role-playing on RoA, but I need to go conquer the day and deal with life. Cya guys!

With love,

P.s. If you need to reach me, pm me on discord.


Thanks for letting us know! We hate it when super active people drop off the face of the Earth without a simple ‘be back later’. Take it easy man and fix the important stuff. We’ll still be here when you wanna escape :slight_smile:


Um… what?

Legend says, King Muzwall will be resurrected in the NR’s time of need, and lead it towards a prosperous future! Cya <3


Jet’v nhi bohn my good king!


Lol I still have it on my phone


See you later my friend.