Suggestion that keystone portals should be easier and not rely on nether stars


The keystone portals are based upon the nether star, that is awfully hard to get. I didn’t see them at the shop either.

I am wondering whether a wither might be trapped in a configuration with 5 shulker boxes instead of bedrock, but then I still need three wither skeleton skulls …

My first suggestion is to make it much simpler: keep the four gold drops in the corner, and replace the middle cross with ender pearls only. My second suggestion is to make a public portal at the community hall, so that everyone has access to at least one portal.

Apologies to @bluekelp who created the current setup, but it really would be better to keep things simple !

Why make it hard ? You want players to use the key portals, so that they can go to places … For example, I discovered this special place with peaks up to height 256, which looks like a great place to fly around in. I was thinking about setting up a keystone portal here but given the requirements this is actually impossible.

PM. Referred to links are:


Just a quick FYI, but everyone already has access to at least 1 Portal, as there is a keystone at spawn (/spawn), If memory serves, there is one in party room warp too ?


Ok first off - look into Wither Skeleton farming. And get yourself a sword with Looting 3. Wither Skulls drop chance increases from 2.5% to 5.5% with Looting 3.

Yes, the recipe is somewhat expensive, but it needs to be since it’s pretty much providing a free SetHome. 4 Gold Nuggets and 5 Ender Pearls like you suggest isn’t very expensive at all. The recipe may need a review though.

No need to apologize to bluekelp. He made the plugin, yes, but Ica, Claire and myself configed it. We’re the ones that decided on the cost of the recipe.


Well, I’d suggest a beacon, since they’re equal in value but can be obtained from voting : )


Keystone Igniters are obtainable via voting also, though.


If you vote for the server daily, I’ve found that igniters are obtainable about 1/week, which I think is a reasonable alternative for hunting skeletons!


I should sell my ignites for wood


it’s okay as it is

besides netherstars arent even hard to get xD just need 2 hours of grinding in the nether and then kill the wither


i’m lazy as hell and i’ve done it lol


I agree this is an issue. First, yes @bluekelp ye did an amazing job with this none of this is on you just a balancing issue. Secondly, @inipotbelly yeah right having. access to keystones ain’t really an issue tho maybe the one at spawn could be a bit more publicized. Thirdly,

I built a wither farm. Took about 60 hours of work and 3 redstoners’ technical assistance. I believe it’s the only one on the server (unless Q corp got one hidden around somewhere) For all that work you’d think I’d be rich off wither skeleton skulls. Alas I hold hardly any wither skulls :frowning: . Why’s that? Well unfortunately server mechanics do not work well with the slime sweepers needed for the farms, and server spawning does nothing to help. Now one might suggest that you should just find a fortress and get to work. Well yes… but that does take a significant amount of time, and when the majority of keystones are used to provide community services, rather than the traditional selfish reasons we work for, it’s sorta hard. Also,

nah don’t worry bout that it ain’t. Homes are about convenience. Keystones ain’t convenient. ya gotta get the items and the fuel and go back and forth and all that. it’s hard.


The fuel thing was removed : p


I agree with @Holy … What fuel ? have you actually used a keystone yet @Crispy ?


In that case put fuel back? Also I agree that it is super inconvenient trying to get all the stuff for a combo. I have hundreds of chests in dozens of places and finding those apples or leather or whatever is a nightmare.

Also bump. Oops


Then keep your stuff in one place, you know? Like… a base where you have your home set?


I have homes in all of them


Then learn how to sort xD