[Suggestion] Attention to Detail


Hello everyone.

This thread is going to be another one of those ones, where we talk about yet another way to get plots on the empires server. Come on, its me, what did you expect i would suggest? But before you roll your eyes and leave, at least her me out on my first point.

/ / / / The argument: / / / /

The empires gamemode has already grinded to a halt concerning its activity, this not entirely having to do with people not having time to play, but also several requests for plots simply not being answered. Tescana has submitted its request for expansion a number of times, with the solid argument that they need them to actually continue with their port i might add, and as a result, have somewhat faded away from building much at a time from their previous build spree. In response, i notice DK hasn’t been doing much building either, because as he told me, he feels alone on the building scene. And yes, of course, i too feel limited by the way we earn plots, judge me. Filling out one’s plots to get anew ones is totally reasonable, and i do not wish to do away with that, just modify it to be less demanding.

/ / / / The suggestion: / / / /

Obviously, the staff team at the time, wanted to make this system work on the base of dedication. ‘‘You want to make a faction and start building? You get some plots, now finish them before you get any more.’’ to do away with people starting a faction and then building nothing to very little, but still be able to expand due to the previous way of being able to obtain plots for doing episodes.

Point 1: Detail

Dedication to doing a faction should not be measured solely on filling out empty space. The build skill present in building Tescana alone for example shows that these people care about their build and are putting time and effort in to making their build look good. Why then force such builders to add yet more things to a high grade build that already looks and feels fine, consequently cluttering it and even making it shittier, just to fill up a plot to its brim to gain new ones? I suggest that if a plot is built to a reasonable level of detail, that you shouldn’t need to fill out the entirety of it, but instead, only like half of it would be required to have been built upon before its accepted as ‘‘developed’’ and they are able to request a new one.

But Ara! How do we know whats good detail and what isn’t?!

Thats simple. Just compare the build quality of Tescana or Siil with Geo or AhTheBoy. The difference is obvious. You either build well, or you don’t.

Oh, is that so Ara? And where do you put yourself on this spectrum, hmmmm?!

Well i definitely don’t consider myself a bad builder, and as i have seen, neither do a number of other people, but i admit my build skills are not on Tescana’s or Siil’s level. I would put myself on a medium skill level, along with DK. We build nice, but we don’t excel in depth. What to do with such dirty casuals will be for the community (or staff) to decide.

Point 2: Plot Limit

Just as dedication to doing a faction should not be measured solely on filling up space, neither should you need to prove yourself dedicated to building it more than once or twice. What do i mean by this? Here’s my thought:

You gain your 9 initial plots which you need to ‘‘fill’’ to gain 9 more, right? Nothing new. This is to keep you focused on your starting build, and will not be admitted more plots until you do something with your current ones. Totally fine. When you fill out those plots, you can request 9 more, and you have doubled your plot count. But what then?

You fill out those plots, and can request 9 more, but yet again, you limit your build scope to that one area again. I will state flat out that i liked the old system of getting plots because i was able to get more of them without building a lot and have multiple projects in the work at a time if i got bored with my original. You simply run out of steam or inspiration to work on your city right now, and you want to go build a rural village instead, or a castle on that hill in the distance you like, or put a monastery besides that lake! But guess what, you can’t. You need to grind that city you started to finish. Which is exactly what has been killing my activity too.

So what do we do? Well, for me who hasn’t even finished his original 9 plots, i need to grind that city i started no matter what, to ‘‘prove my dedication’’ to doing a faction, but after that when you get 9 more plots, i say that a faction should be able to have the same ammount of plots avalible to build upon as they have finished ones. Yep, you heard me. The same number. So when you finish your test 9 plots, you get 9 more, and you can finish, say 4 of them, and now have a total of 13 finished plots (along with your 9 original) and should thus be able to have a total of 13 unfinished plots (scaled down because round number) available to build on at the same time instead of just 9.

The more you build and the more finished plots you have, the more you get granted to build on, basically. And with the size of the world, i would bet we would run out of the will to build before such a plot system would run out of hand and fill the map to the brim with people’s plots. If it does however, we just impose a new limit when the issue arises. Like ‘‘if you have a 100 plots, you can only have 18 unfinished ones at a time from then on’’ type of solution. But more on that when we get there, if we get there.

/ / / / Final thoughts: / / / /

But Ara. This is a lot of work! Who is going to keep track of all this!?

Considering the low number of factions that are expected to grow exceptionally with this system, it really isn’t a lot of work. Even i could keep track of which plots have been accepted finished and which haven’t. So yeah, i volunteer. However, granting plots and judging them will not be up to me because i’m no staff.