Stepping Down


Hello fellow Allurians,
First things first, I hope you’re all doing well. Formalities aside, I do come with news. You can probably guess exactly what news I’m referring to, judging by the title of this post.
As many of you may have noticed, my appearance around Allura has been incredibly lacking. Three weeks is a bit much to be off for, especially for a staff member.
As some of you know, I just started college, and it’s been insane. I’m currently an art student, and I’m especially struggling with balancing my time between college, my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. Some people are very good at balancing these sorts of things. In my case, I am not. For these reasons and more, I need to step down for now.
I’ll always be involved with the community nonetheless- I’m just currently not serving the community as adequately as it deserves to be served. It’s been a pleasure helping found Allura, and I hope to potentially return as a staff member in the future. In the meantime, I’ll be around Discord and interacting with all of you there. I’ll also be contributing art and builds as much as possible.
Thank you all for your understanding. I’ll see you around. :slight_smile:


see u on discord soon <3


See ya 'round :wink:


See you around, Hanna. Good luck with college :wink:


Cya Han. We’ll be here for you to come back to <3


See you soon, friend! I hope to see you soon especially on RoA. Just like you, I’ve a lot of things in my life that prevents me from contacting with RoA community and my beloved friends. I will pray for you the best of luck in everything that’s going in your life. Whatever bad things that might happen in life, just remember you have friends and family to help you along the way.

-Hydroid :heart:


Aw, cya round Han! Good luck getting through college and shit. <3
(ps: don’t let crispy take your position as mod, no matter how much he begs or talks about being ginger)


I would not approve crispy being a mod xD


Ok Hydroid lemme explain why I am the perfect man for the job here alright.

  1. I’m ginger. If I become a mod we would complete the holy trinity of gingerness on the staff team. (me. Nate, 'n Preston)
  2. I’m more Irish than Jon, which makes me infinitely more qualified (really I oughta be taking Jon’s job tbh.)
  3. Like the staff of the past I intend mysteriously disappearing for a couple months upon my promotion. I think I’d be great for this all I have to do is not play, quite good at that indeed.

So as you can see I am the perfect man for the job and am waiting on my official promotion by Claire 'n Ica.

Also baiii hanner you weren’t there at the end but I still wana do your spawn project thingy!!! <3


how can crispy be qualified if he can’t even use a close parenthesis?


oooh, so THATS why nobody is around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m Chinese, everyone knows that chinese people are better at everything xD