State Registry


Sovereign State Name: Sylvania
Color Representation: Black

In-Game-Name: Sylvic
Discord Username: Nath#1485

Starting Plot ID: 219;76

Build Theme: Evil


Sovereign State Name: New London Frost
Color Representation: Dark Blue

In-Game-Name: inipotbelly
Discord Username: inipotbelly#8651

Starting Plot ID: 195;30

Build Theme: Frostpunk



Sovereign State Registrations posted after this post may not be processed until July 4th 2018.


Sovereign State Name: Trojiem
Color Representation: Azule/Royal Blue

In-Game-Name: jjcmrq
Discord Username: JJ-josh#5361

Starting Plot ID: 166;27

Build Theme: Dwarven/Roman Island



Sovereign State Name:
Color Representation:

In-Game-Name: Icalave
Discord Username: Icalave#4014

Starting Plot ID: 189;140

Build Theme: East India Company


Sovereign State Name: Keldugnir
Color Representation: Dark Purple

In-Game-Name: Thanius_
Discord Username: Aaron#2330

Starting Plot ID: 151;43

Build Theme: Dark/Gothic/Fantasy

Expansion Plans: A large mass of the northern coast and a small portion of the eastern coast.

Yellow: Prioritized expansion plans
Red: Expansion plans



Sovereign State Name: Cee
Color Representation: Magenta

In-Game-Name: HeatherCee
Discord Username: HeatherCee#3060

Starting Plot ID:

Build Theme: Pirate’s Cove

Build Inspiration


Sovereign State Registrations posted after this post will not be processed until July 4th 2018.


Sovereign State Name: Lexindon
Color Representation: Forest Green

In-Game-Name: Alexamder52
Discord Username: Alexamder#0991

Starting Plot ID: 164;49

Build Theme: Medieval

Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Khalt Almaeadin
Color Representation: Silver

Flag/Logo: coming up

In-Game-Name: Brentuski
Discord Username: Burentou#0792

Starting Plot ID: 159,112
(red: city; black: industrial and agricultural outskirts)

Build Theme: middle eastern / mediterranean

Khalt Almaeadin is a thriving city based around an oasis in the western desertlands of Le Monde. Being an oligarchy with an intricate social and cultural structure, the upper classes (which are a handful of ancient houses) profit from exploiting the local population and resources. The hills in the area contain large amounts of a metal which can be produced into a hard and very durable alloy, suitable for high-grade weaponry. The city is divided up between the families, who each own one of the great hills surrounding the oasis. They cooperate in running the city but don’t all get along well with each other, and thus they remain in their own boroughs.

xoxo Bren


Sovereign State Name: Bucanya
Colour Representation: Azure

In-Game-Name: SpazzAttack1000
Discord Username: SpazzAttack1000#6600

Starting Plot ID: 134;155

Build Theme: Tropical Islands/ Pirates


Sovereign State Name: ドラゴンフォールズ, or Doragonfazu

Color Representation: Light Green

In-Game-Name: mjegs
Discord Username: mjegs#4947

Starting Plot ID: 138;72
KEY: >Blue: Initial starting location
Light Green: Planned expansion
Red: Castle District
Darker Green: Town/farmland
Pink: Mountain Monastery

Build theme: Japanese

Inspiration (previous contest entry):

Inspiration #1
Inspiration #2


Sovereign State Name: Bathbourgh
Color Representation: Blue


In-Game-Name: Tommy1985
Discord Username: Tommy85

Starting Plot ID: 144;112


Build Theme:
Modern coastal city


Sovereign State Name: The Holy Reich of the Maeythians

Color Representation: Sky Blue

In-Game-Name: Musical_Mystery

Discord Username: You know who to call :wink:

Starting Plot ID: 205;97

Build Theme: gothic, industrial

Expansion Plan:



Sovereign State Name: Finterra Outpost
Color Representation: Yellow/Green/Blue

In-Game–Name: Scurax
Discord Username: Scurax#2051
Starting Plot ID: 149;152

Build Theme: Pirate Themed
Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Mauzur
Color Representation: Dark Green

In-Game-Name: Alexamder52
Discord Username: Alexamder#0991

Starting Plot ID: 204;87

Build Theme: Orcish

Expansion Plans:



Sovereign State Name: The United Arborean State

Color Representation: Arborean Green (Colour ID #547034)

As soon as I get a decent picture of it, I’ll post it. Somewhere.

In-Game-Name: Giultyspark
Discord Username: Giultyspark

Starting Plot ID: 141;51

Build Theme: Sci-fi/Military


Sovereign State Name: Picea
Color Representation: Purple

In-Game-Name: ahtheboy
Discord Username: Ahtheboy

Starting Plot ID: 167;73

Build Theme: More evenly structured than Medieval but not entirely modern
Example Images (This example only shows stone buildings, and I may use wood buildings with a similar shape):