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This topic is if you’re interested in founding your own Sovereign State within the Creative World.

Full Credit of the map used for the Creative World “Le Monde” goes to its creator Moonti.

Creative World goes Live and Future Content!

Anyone can participate within the Creative World, if trusted by a Sovereign State, but only those who register can found their own and become its Steward. All Sovereign States start off as a City State with the later option to upgrade to a Nation State.

City States have an area limit of 303x303, whereas Nation States can be expanded further and have an added strategic element to them. Role-Play between Sovereign States (both City States and Nation States) is encouraged, but not compulsory. Nation State management is handled on our Realm of Allura: Creative World Discord so participation is required.

Tip: You can make flags rather easily on this website:

City State Registration

**Sovereign State Name:**
**Color Representation:**


**Discord Username:**

**Starting Plot ID:**


**Build Theme:**


Nation State Upgrade

**Expansion Plans:**



Sovereign State Name: Lásenor
Color Representation: Bright Yellow

In-Game-Name: ProfessorPekka
Discord Username: Aënaen#5951

Starting Plot ID: 188;89


Build Theme: Medieval

Build Inspiration

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Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Lavande
Color Representation: Lavender

flag (6)

In-Game-Name: ironly
Discord Username: ironly#0164

Starting Plot ID: 154;91

Build Theme: Medieval/Colonial

Build Inspiration

Expansion Plans:



Sovereign State Name: Danheim
Color Representation: Bright Red

In-Game-Name: DKfluffyDK
Discord Username: DKfluffyDK#6108

Starting Plot ID: 228:33


Build Theme: Roman/Norse

Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Praeulis
Color Representation: Emerald Green

In-Game-Name: hannersbananers
Discord Username: hannersbananers#5476

Starting Plot ID: 190;61

Build Theme: Fantasy


Sovereign State Name: Roklavia
Color Representation: Red_Sandstone Orange

In-Game-Name: Musical_Mystery
Discord Username: Musical_Mystery#9614

Starting Plot ID: 196;49

Build Theme: Gothic/Napoleonic

Expansion Plans:



Sovereign State Name: Kaveh
Color Representation: Soft Green

In-Game-Name: Ariovistas
Discord Username: Phyndah#7836

Starting Plot ID: 169;137


Build Theme: Persian

Expansion Plans:



Sovereign State Name: Ebongrasp
Colour Representation: Dark Purple

In-Game-Name: shatterjure
Discord Username: The Aggressive Pizza#4099

Starting Plot ID: 189;125


Build Theme: Medieval/Fantasy/Japanese

Build Example

Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Kleriel
Color Representation: Shamrock Green

In-Game-Name: Aragottix
Discord Username: Aragottix#2105

Starting Plot ID: 218;63


Build Theme: Medieval/Fantasy

Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Valkora
Colour Representation: Blood Red

In-Game-Name: SirGeorgar
Discord Username: SirGeorgar#5325

Starting Plot ID: 138;98


Build Theme: Roman/Classical

Expansion Plans:



Sovereign State Name: Kaldaross
Color Representation: Different varieties of Grey.

In-Game-Name: Liasetten
Discord Username: Liasetten#7007

Starting Plot ID: 148;61

Build Theme: Medieval/Nordic themed.

Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Delossi
Color Representation: Aqua

In-Game-Name: Claire88c
Discord Username: Claire88c#0896

Starting Plot ID: 159;156

Build Theme:


Sovereign State Name: AXCOM
Color Representation: Orange

In-Game-Name: Siilvarra
Discord Username: Siilvarra#8256

Starting Plot ID: 240;140

Build Theme: Sci-Fi

Build Inspiration

Expansion Plans:


Sovereign State Name: Maruba
Color Representation: Gold

In-Game-Name: Kung_Gellert_28
Discord Username: Kung_Gellert#6185

Starting Plot ID: 174;59

Build Theme: Medieval

Expansion Plans:



Sovereign State Name: Solitude
Color Representation: Dark Blue

In-Game-Name: bluekelp
Discord Username: bluekelp#8739

Starting Plot ID: 139;31

Build Theme:


Sovereign State Name: Belize
Color Representation: Cobalt Blue

In-Game-Name: Unboxyourmail
Discord Username: Harry#7458

Starting Plot ID: 203;125

Build Theme: Central America/Colonial

Build Inspiration


Sovereign State Name: Jamillah
Color Representation: Orange

In-Game-Name: Sampadjuda
Discord Username: Sampah#3550

Starting Plot ID: 136;139

Build Theme: Yemeni


Sovereign State Name: Larkimar
Color Representation: Teal

In-Game-Name: Valkorerian
Discord Username: Valkorerian#1278

Starting Plot ID: 180;73

Build Theme: Medieval

Expansion Plan:

Merchant Republic Map


Sovereign State Name: Connemara
Color Representation: Magenta

In-Game-Name: lukiepie
Discord Username: lukie#8546

Starting Plot ID: 195;93

Build Theme: Medieval

Build Inspiration

Expansion Plans: