Spawner Disabling


Torches don’t work on guardian or blaze spawners and probably a few others, which makes maintenance impossible.
The ability to right click a spawner with your hand to disable/enable it would be veeeeeeeeeeeeery welcome.


For the low, low, price of USD $10,000 I could make you a plugin…

Interesting idea. I think it’s possible and useful enough it might even exist.


Its not that they dont work it is that torches dont produce enough light to disable blaze spawners I have no idea about guardians but to disabl see a blaze spawner you need lava to create the source because lava creates more light then torches


Ok then for the low low price of 10 blocks of diamond I’ll supply you with enough lava to enclose two entirespawners!


Them prices though. What are you, the new TWP? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


cover a spawner in glowstone