Some complaints about claim blocks


because pay to win and the rates are hard without


2.5 hours seems reasonable


Further clarification and explanation.

625 initial claim blocks. 250 claim blocks per hour. You cannot earn claim blocks if you’re motionless.


I would say that the current rate is fair. An average player isn’t going to make a major building or town, just a simple base with a few additions maybe. By the time it takes a player to gain the proper resources and start building everything they should have enough or almost enough blocks to claim it all. I’m a slightly above average player I’m guessing and at the current rate I would be able to expand at a comfortable rate if I needed to.


So yeah, everyone starts with 1 sponge worth of claim blocks (which is the 625 Jon mentioned) just wanted to make that super clear. Then from that point, it’s 250 an hour, or you can purchase extra on the shop.




this is good. as long as new players get something to protect their chest/s with w/o too much trouble then it’s good enough. better than atlas was (though p-stones is what I initially donated for :slight_smile: ). the incentive structure should encourage play (or pay) to protect more of your build/land.

and there’s always the anti-grief rules to protect you - just protect your valuables and you’ll be fine.


wait is griefing unprotected areas allowed? re-read the rules (on website) and they’re fairly sparse/vague. assuming this is an oversight because there’s only 1 million things left to do before public launch but figured i’d confirm.

i can take a stab at more specific rules if that would be helpful.


Yeah, we’ve just not written up the “official” rules yet. Those are placeholders. We’ll get there. It’s safe to assume we’re gonna say no to griefing though. :slight_smile:


Will we get looting tho? I’m sure a ton of players liked looting…


Only Martyn and Ebongrasp liked looting. Lol.


did someone say looting?


Isn’t it really hard to track chest openings tho? I thought the server resources was one of the reasons Martyn didn’t ban looting.


This is true, I would assume the no looting rule, if implemented, would be reenforcdd somewhat manually :]


I say looting be allowed just like in WoA, so yall better protect your chests.


I think it kind of depends on whether or not it’s possible to check what a person had in a chest or a shulker box. If it is, then I feel like we should implement it, but if it isn’t, then we probably shouldn’t. A large factor for me is that people can lie about what they had in their chest/shulker box, which may end up with staff giving them overpowered items on the basis that they were telling the truth on what they had in their chest/box.


Wish MC tagged all items with ‘‘crafted by’’ so we could track gear and tools, just for the fun of it. It could also have some RP relevance then too :3

okay off topic, yes, sorry


This gave me an interesting idea for a plugin. For a (substantial) cost players could “curse” some/all items in a chest. If other players remove items they acquire the curse. Curse could be a few things like “attracts Creepers” or slow XP/hunger drain. But it would only be fun if looting was allowed :slight_smile:


@Owner @Mxlppxl if we ban looting can we make those dungeons really common? If we can steal from mobs we are less likely to do so from players.


Or maybe don’t loot other people’s hard work and get your own supplies.