Some complaints about claim blocks


good decision there cept


Yeah I didn’t entirely read the post, I just kinda assumed it… Yeah, I’ve learned before, and that came way too close. (Again)


hehehe nah … :slight_smile:

after the reset on WoA i spend over 5 hours looking for my new home … so if this was the same on here, i’d would have got 1000 extra claim blocks for just walking around, and the size of my builds and the area’s i usually claim, i don’t see an issue with the rate or the cost if i were to buy claim blocks …
but then again, that’s just me …


So one would have to play 6 hours and 15 minutes to be able to protect a 25x25 area? … Thats bull, and thats coming from me.


So Ica and I have discussed this and come to the conclusion that we do not want to change the claim block donation packs. Like I stated these donation packs are more for those sorts of people who have money to spend and/or don’t have much game-time available. It also provides a good method to keep donating, once players have reached the max rank. Claim block donation packs are not designed to be for the ‘everyday’ player, that is what the rank donation packages are for.

The current rate of earning claim blocks is 200 per hour, which we plan to increase to a round number of 250. The initial claim blocks you start with is 625.


Perfect middleground : D


Much better than the cursed + rank that You-Know-Who “Suggested” we do.


Yeah… smarty marty had to go party marty


He who shall not be named.


How many mega prots did you use on that island of yours again lami :stuck_out_tongue:


81 … not to mention all the other areas i used to have lol


sooo just over 9112 hours of active play time. GL with the recreation project lami :wink:


You crazy


Now now Crispy, you’re overestimating it. (15,625*81)/250 is only 5000 hours of playtime. Perfectly reasonable


-buy a rank with no afk kick
-go afk
job done


The plugin only gives blocks while active to stop this


well thats bullshit then, can it be disabled


This, 6 hours to protect 25x25 is insane


At the current rate its 2.5 hours for 25x25. The current rate is 250 blocks/hour it used to be 100/hour


How about you actually play the game instead of whining about it not being AFK-Farmable.