Some complaints about claim blocks


Hi Everyone, my name is Alcyonestus (I also go by CoolCat)

So recently, the dev team has put up ranks and claim blocks for sale in the shop. I won’t comment on ranks because as of right now, the perks list isn’t finished, but I do have some feedback on the claim block options available for purchase. Personally I feel that this should be its own discussion, but if the mods want to move it to the Random Suggestions thread please go ahead.

Now, to the actual substance: The claim block options are simply a bad deal when compared to the amount of protected blocks you got from Protection Stones in WoA (and lets face it, nearly everyone here is from WoA, so that’s what they will be used to).
For starters, 200 claim blocks gained an hour seems low to me. The basic PS/Sponge in WoA took 5 gold, 1 diamond, and 3 clay to make, and gave you 625 protected blocks. With a rate of 200 claim blocks an hour, it would take you a tad over 3 hours to gain that many protected blocks, which seems like an awful lot to me, as it definitely would not take most people 3 hours to get some gold, a diamond, and clay. Plus, if you’re building a medieval town, 25x25 is not a lot.

Now, I understand that the reason for the slow rate may be to give an incentive to buy the claim blocks from the shop, but the deals are, and pardon my harshness, terrible. The Metropolis pack, for example, costs $20 (discounted) and give you 15625 claim blocks. I know that may sound like a lot, but to give you a sense of perspective, that is a 125x125 area, the same size as a mega protection stone in WoA. Paying $20 for an item that was made with a few ghast tears, some eyes of ender, and glass seems like a lot. I know people in WoA used over 5 MegaPS for a single build, and now their only options are to either spend $100 or wait almost 400 (! ! !) hours to get that many claim blocks naturally.

As a final disclaimer, I am well aware this is not WoA, and I am not advocating for RoA to use Protection Stones. I’m just saying that the claim block rates and purchase options seem really harsh and grindy.

TL;DR: The claim blocks gained rate is too slow, the shop options for buying claim blocks are too expensive.

Thanks for reading


While I do prefer the protection stones, the dev isnt supporting it anymore, and we need to rely on something else. I think it’s well worth the money, considering this is all out of icas pocket : D


i do rlly like the idea of getting custom art from the rank tho so keep that :wink:


I’m not saying we should use Protection Stones (see the part of my thread where I say “I am not advocating for RoA to use Protection Stones”).

I’m just saying that I can’t see too many people buying the Claim Block packs (even if it supports Ica) when they’re a bad deal. The Ranks, for example, seem much more balanced


I share similar concerns but would like to see how it works in gameplay first


Very much agreed. Lets test it : D


claim blocks are dead tho i never have a shovel its aids


I think protection stones were better than this new claim system…


But … you did somehow carry a bunch of protection stones with you, or what? Huh? And they weren’t exactly as cheap as 1 gold and 2 sticks and had it for ever (or until you lost it) either.


don’t need to be shitty i don’t like either like i didn’t say i liked prot blocks


You liked Mats’ reply after yours when he said he liked the prot stones better… assumed as much.


don’t try to read my mind so much then


Let’s not go off subject here guys :slight_smile: The subject is how quickly you obtain claim blocks and the cost of purchasing them via donation packs. I do appreciate your feedback Alcyonestus, because without it, we don’t know what the community thinks.

First off I want to make a reference point. Some builders currently have over 15,000 claim blocks earned because of time spent on the server. The majority of this was earned when the rate was set to 100 per hour, not 200. I personally believe that the rate of earning blocks is at a good pacing. I would like to see the opinions of other players about that.

Now, regarding the cost of the donation packages it is currently set where 625 blocks (a 25x25 region) is worth a dollar (before sales). This is subject to change.

The problem here is balance. We cannot have both quickly obtained claim blocks and cheap claim block packages. There is no intention to make people need to buy claim blocks purely to survive. It is mainly to focus on those people who are willing to donate a lot of money, but have limited gameplay time. That is the ‘target’ for this sort of donation package.

So as a compromise, we may increase the claim block rate, or decrease the cost of claim blocks. Not both.


My question is does this comply with EULA? Because we are selling ingame items for money.


I have about 16000 blocks or about 125 by 125. I was here since not only WOA shut down, but months before it playing hours on end building and playing. In other words i play a lot. I believe in the time it took me to acquire those claim blocks i could have acquired enough resourced to build city much larger than 125 blocks. I find it helpful to think of this way. Could you gather the resources to build a little house 25 by 25 in 3 and a bit hours. To me, especially in the later stages with haste 2 eff 5 tools, the answer is obvious. Again, im reserving my arm waving fury till i see how it works in gameplay but those are my feelings atm.


It should comply with EULA considering that it doesn’t give players an advantage over anybody else, just makes it easier and quicker. Everybody can still get the claim blocks by spending time, the packages just allow for them to get them faster.


Just gonna jump in to 100% agree with Crispy here. I won’t be making a huge deal now, but I’ve spent a fair bit of time on the server up until now and have maybe 8k blocks. As rare as ghasts were in WoA, I could easily have killed a few of them to make multiple End Portal PS by now.


No please do continue to make your points, because us as staff members forget how difficult survival can be. We take our abilities for granted. Another problem is comparison. It’s hard to compare time against difficulty and/or luck.

Hopefully our lovely @Owner s will be able to reach a compromise/decision over the matter after hearing everyone’s opinions.


Camo cleared this up very well:[quote=“Camo578, post:16, topic:253, full:true”]
It should comply with EULA considering that it doesn’t give players an advantage over anybody else, just makes it easier and quicker. Everybody can still get the claim blocks by spending time, the packages just allow for them to get them faster.[/quote]To further clarify, claim blocks are not in-game items. You have no advantage over any other person by having more claim blocks than another. The benefit you are getting from having more claim blocks is that you can protect more of your work, that is it. That doesn’t give you any advantage over other people. That is the key word for obeying the EULA ‘advantage’. Now, if this were a PvP server and grief was allowed those with more claim blocks would be at an advantage, since it would be preventing players from accessing those blocks that wouldn’t have been protected otherwise.


Thanks for clarifying. :wink: