SkyBlock Design Contest


@Nyx @Snev Added :slight_smile:


Me pls <3


@TheArchives Added


IGN: TheIQFactor


Sign me up! IGN: Musical_Mystery

Lol your plot is right next to mine


@TheIQFactor @Music Added. :slight_smile:


Uhhhh… Is it OK that I claimed a random plot with no sign b/c I can’t find the one with my sign…?
pls don’t disqualify me xD


Disqualify him immediately, he deliberately broke the rules to spite you and is now trying to exploit your merciful actions.


Thats fine Archives. Put a sign on the one you have claimed. :slight_smile:


I have, thanks :slight_smile:


Snev joined the contest, just letting you know.


@Crez added


I’d like to give it a shot.


@Areesh is your in-game name the same?


Also, Bump, contest will be closing this weekend, if people have not yet finished their islands, or wish to enter, please write here!


Can someone with /give put a dragon egg on the bedrock pillar in the End of mine? Couldn’t find it on the Creative menu


Why? Dragon eggs arent really meant to be gotten by players, even in creative.


Decoration. They are 100% useless but it adds to the End look


As far as I know, you can manipulate them to tp to other people’s plots


rly xD how to do dis, tell me pls