SkyBlock Design Contest


Greetings Players!

We know you have been itching to get started on something, so, without further ado, we announce the SkyBlock Design Contest! We want cool custom islands for the SkyBlock survival and we want you to design your own!

The top 3 will be available for players to generate for their own SkyBlock survival AND each player will receive a rank on the new world! (perms to be decided)

The Rules:
• The build must be contained in a 19x19x19 Cube. Build inside of it. The line of clay is out of bounds.
• The maximum number of blocks for the whole island must be between 60 to 700.
• It must contain:

  • 1 Bedrock
  • 1 Chest
  • 1 Blank sign

You can also ONLY have a maximum of 1 lava source

The chosen 3 will be balanced and then made available for public usage. The competition closes in 1 week. If you want to enter, put your name down below in the comments (so we can add you) and use the command /plot tp -6;-5 to take you to the plot to build.

Good luck!


@samcv @Inceptus @Alcyonestus-CoolCat @HeroSlayerX added (requested in previous topic).



Sure, im bored, why not


Can we submit multiple entries? Also, should we include ores, custom trees, etc etc


@Crispy at the moment, no. But, seeing as you are not the first to request this, I’ll take a look at adding more spaces further down the line. Is your IGN: Crispy_Toast ?




@Crispy added. :slight_smile:


I will try my luck with this.
IGN: Camo578


Can I join this?

IGN: Riptide204


I would like to do this. IGN same as username here. And where do I build it?


@ProfessorPekka Quoting from the bottom of the announcement:
“Use the command /plot tp -6;-5 to take you to the plot to build.”


@Camo578 @riptide204 @ProfessorPekka Added :slight_smile:


Can ya add me?


Holy wishes to be added :]


Seems previous thread got deleted lol, would still like to be participate tho.
IGN: Matspls


@Mats @ItsMidnightThestral @Captii you were all added in the first wave. :slight_smile:


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I wish to be added, I have some free time coming up. IGN: NyxLG


I’m in!