Sill is stepping down


Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, there have been a lot of changes in my private life in the last few months. I’ve got a new job with increased hours, I’m returning to university to do post graduate work and (many of you will get a kick out of this one) I’m currently doing a course to improve the speed at which I type for work.

All in all, this is leaving me with precious little time to do other stuff. It has stretched me very thinly and it has become increasingly difficult to find space for all other commitments and downtime activities. Unfortunately, something has to give way.

So, with all this in mind, I will be stepping down as a staff member from Realm of Allura. No, not an “I’ll be back” step away, this is likely to be for good. Rather than attempt to maintain responsibilities that I cannot ensure are met, I shall be focusing what time I will have, on building and contributing to the community as a player, rather than as staff.

In the coming months, my online presence is likely to become irregular and sporadic, as I readjust my life to all of these changes. I will be continuing the group RP episode I am in, and I shall be continuing to partake and play within the Empires community where I can. I still do need to publish the formal rules. These will go up on the wiki when completed.

I want to wish you all, and particularly my now former colleagues, the best of luck with the future.



Right. Here we are then.

I’ll say some things. Quite a few in fact. Prepare.

I will say that I respect and sympathize with your reasons for stepping down as staff. Life changes, especially over the course of as many years as you’ve been active here and, as I’ve been told, on WOA. It is our responsibility to ourselves as people to prioritize in such a way that we can enjoy what we’re doing and keep doing it at length without fear of burning out.

I first met Siil not that long after joining the server, by now almost two years ago. I’d submitted an application, and had been admitted to, the Build Team, only to be properly disappointed by the lack of activity of that team. Part of the cause for this, in my view, was the inactivity of the ostensible BT leader, Siil, so I took it upon myself in the true-and-tried Ariovistas fashion to write a long PM to Siil and to Jon, setting out my complaints and ideas for how to continue with the BT - most notable, if I remember correctly, without Siil as leader.

At this point I can say I am genuinely grateful this advice has not been acted on. The civilized and complete way in which Siil responded to my heavyhandedness has been a hallmark of the man since then. I’ve had the pleasure of closely collaborating with him in creating the first iteration of Empires, and during the whole process, he’s been unfailingly polite, ever critical about my strange ideas and proposals, and ever committed to creating as good a final product as we could with our limited time and effort. That is to say nothing about the second iteration which, barring some minor input here and there, I understand he took it upon himself to manage almost singlehandedly.

But I’ve not only had the pleasure of working with him as a collegue in a more or less professional setting. Over the course of our long cooperation, I’ve got to know him as a friend and private person, and his good humour, supportiveness, understanding and ever listening ear has been a great boon to my life personally.

All in all, I think this server, and I personally, owe much to Siil. It’ll be my pleasure to contribute to his enjoyment and relaxation as a member of this community from now on.


While I am saddened that you will no longer be on the staff team(you’ve always helped people without self-concern, taking all issues seriously), I wish you all the best in your new and changing life, and hope you are happy, wherever life takes you. Ario said it better than I could, but still, thank you. You will be dearly missed.

Ave atque vale!


SIIL is stepping down!?


I can genuinely say is that, while I have a complete understanding for your decision and while I truly wish you nothing but the best, I am sad to see you go. This server, as Ario puts it, owes an incredible deal to you, and going forth we will miss you!


Enjoy studying dumb space rocks.

Thanks for your help over the years mate.

Best of luck in the future.

Also, don’t forget to leave your staff badge on my desk on your way out.


Claire: ‘‘You, what?! No! You cant quit, because you’re FIRED!’’


and you wont even keep his gun? thats nice of ya