Share your forum certificates here!


Thanks @discobot :heart:


Here is mine.


Looks legit, almost :wink:


what’s this?


I got it legit but it would only save it as a .svg which can’t be uploaded. So i used an online file transfer and thats how it turned out.

Heres a screenshot. I wish i could photoshop that well.


Look in your inbox and reply to @discobot’s requests.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Looks legit…



Why is only mine and camo’s certificate ■■■■ed and written with the wrong font?

Edited to remove censored word…


Did you convert the picture from .svg because thats what I did so I could post it.


No… I hit print screen and saved it as img


It’s small don’t know how to make it nicer


@Aragottix your forum certificate sadly has been deemed unauthentic and you will hereby be sentenced to re-do all the steps discobot asked you to.

@Nyx in order for us to verify your certificate, we would need a bigger image so sadly your certificate has also been declined for now.


much sad, y u do dis to me


I’ll sue.


Here’s mine :smirk:


How do you get it that size? Please tell us xD


It probably helps that I uploaded it on my phone


the powers of Adobe Photshop. Your image sir @TWP