RP world official visiting


Right now the RP world is still getting started, but within the next few months when we will all have our builds going I think it might be a good idea to make a few changes to visiting.

  1. Arrival points: right now, you use plot tp which takes you to a point on the border (iirc) of a given plot. I think at some point once we have established builds and RP going on this should be replaced by something that allows entering a settlement to have a more natural feeling than just appearing above it. My suggestion would be to use Keystones, as this allows players to set a predetermined entry point to their city, which helps with immersiveness (e.g. in Roklavia exploring it would feel much more natural starting at the docks and walking through the city and climbing staircases or whatnot to get around.
  2. Use permissions: I am leaving all my doors open and concealed passageways revealed so that players can explore them. This is just a minor thing for me because I’m taking it into consideration when building but it is annoying finding a lovely building you can’t get into.
  3. Flying: Naturally, this is a has massive benefits for building, but for exploring cities I feel like it detracts from it a little. Some players might be building stuff they think should be seen from the air, so I think this should be a thing where we can disable non-members flying within our claims.

Example: with my builds, how I’d imagine someone seeing them is arriving in a village marketplace (arrival point) and having a look around my village as its inhabitents would see it (i.e. not having a huge panoramic view from the air). At some point they’d notice the Keep sitting up on the hill, and make the trek to get to it (which helps build a sense of isolation if it takes 5 minutes or so to get from the village to up there rather than just flying in a beeline). Then, entering through the gate, they’d be able to have a look through the courtyards and eventually notice some buttons. Pressing these reveals a secret passageway to the interior of the central tower.
This kind of experience building is the sort of thing it would be really cool to be able to do, and which was actually easier to do on survival.
I don’t know if anyone else feels this way, and I reiterate that I think this shouldn’t be implemented for a few months so that we can watch each others builds as they dveleop and stuff, but eventually I’d really like to have more of an in-world experience for people visiting than an eye-of-God. People can, of course, do this on their own, but I am going to be the person who best knows the intricacies of my builds to craft this walk-through. And, of course, all of these should be things we can enable in our own plots (I might elaborate on different ways I think the starting point thing might work), and should be toggle able by the plot owners.
Just some thoughts.


Or just get staff to set /warp