RP Thread


For your roleplay character, this was the old format from WoA. Poof! I have now transferred it to RoA. Enjoy!

Name: Character’s name.
Titles: Any titles, such as: "King of ____"
Race: What do you identify as? Human? Attack Helicopter?
Age:. Please keep it reasonable.
Faction Allegiance: Your kingdom, faction, etc. If none, then write: "None"
Physical Description: A brief, but detailed enough physical description of your character.
Personality Description: A brief, but detailed enough description of the personality of your character.
Abilities & Strengths: A brief summary of all your Abilities and Strengths.
Weaknesses: Your Weaknesses.
Background: (Optional) Any background information for your character; their past, or really and additional information.

Edit: I just read your comments on RP Claire and Horizontal. Whoops xD. Close if you want.



Ik it’s a little bit early, but for future reference. :slight_smile:

I hope your okay with this, @Claire88c xD


Also, here’s my character, as an example.

Name: Arch (Day)
Titles: TheLoneOne, TheLastWoodGolem, TheArchives.
Race: Wood Golem.
Age: Unknown; he is so old, no one who knew him before his ‘venture to Atlas is alive.
Faction Allegiance: In his Live Forme, he is completely loyal to Ebongrasp, and may it forever be.
Physical Description: He is 6’ 8, skin rough and wiry; he is as good as a walking tree. Magical vines curl around him, and they seem to be alive, as they shift around even without wind. His eyes glow warmly like lanterns, but he has an odd ability to “turn them off.” He is very strong, though compared to the rest of his race, he is average; he would rather pour over his vast hidden treasure-trove of books and scrolls than exercise his physical abilities.
Personality Description: He is very kind, is a peacemaker, and despises fighting too much. His personality normally soothes a person, and his exploration of all his books makes him very wise, and rivals many people in their knowledge of botanical studies.
Abilities & Strengths: He is a great writer, and is know to read much faster than a normal human. He is decent at a bow and sword, but his much greater instincts and skill are stuck in the past; the good days of 1.8. For some reason - no one knows why - he is able to stretch his limbs and body, not too much though. He is also able to regenerate his limbs, but must be in sunlight, and water helps. He is able to manipulate his vines, making them grow and shrink at will - but this does ‘sap’ his strength (bad-um-chhhh!). He also has the ability to heal, sending a strange energy from his vines, once they wrap around the injured area, but this amazing ability takes his own strength. He is the last of the Wood Golems for a reason; the plague that created Demon Golems, infecting Wood Golems with darkness and causing them to kill each other and force their brothers, Iron Golems, to retreat to villages, for some reason only affects him in the night, and when he is angered. This is the form he calls, Demon, or Shadow Golems, and cannot kill him for some botanical reason. He is also recently started being able to control his other form, and somewhat call it to his will.
Weaknesses: He is weak to fire, and it consumes his outer skin instantly, revealing his soft and malleable inside. Also…what’s this? It seems he doesn’t want his other weaknesses given away…

2nd Forme

Name: Arch (Night, & Angered)
Titles: TheDarkOne, TheArchives, TheLastDemonGolem.
Race: Demon Golem (sub-species of Wood Golems)
Age: Unknown; he is so old, no one who knew him before his 'venture to Atlas is alive.
Faction Allegiance: If he is not in full Demon Forme, he will be compelled to side with Ebongraso/try not to kill them (may it always be so).
Physical Description: His skin is a endless, deep, black bark, and changes shades depending on surroundings. He is 7", skin armor solid, and he is as good as a walking shadow-cursed tree. Demoniacal vines snake around his body
Personality Description: He is cold, brutal shrewd, and calculating. He enjoying fighting, his fighting style being quickly killing his opponent. His aura normally puts a person on edge. In his shadow form, Arch’s knowledge increases by many times is normal vastness.
Abilities & Strengths: He is skilled at a bow and sword, preferring a bow. His sword skills are also stuck in the past, but his bow skills remain. For some reason - no one knows why - he is able to harden and soften his skin, allowing him to have unreal flexibility, and survive great blows. He also has the ability to decay, sending a strange energy from his vines, but this ability turns him a little more into his Live Forme. This strange form Arch undertakes is due to the plague that wiped out his race still existing within him, constantly fighting to kill him.
Weaknesses: He is weak to sunlight, and water; sunlight burns him a little, and water disables his camouflage ability. Wait, WAIT! I wasn’t going to tell them your other weaknesses…!


We are having a proper section to do RP in, rather than the previous setup on Atlas. I’m going to lock this in the meantime, so you can copy this if you have not already.

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