[RP Subfaction] The Hammerite Order (old)


The Hammerite Order


The Hammerites are an order of knight-priests who strictly follow the pantheon of ‘‘The Ancestors’’ of Kleriel. The hammer is their chosen symbol, as it represents the tool of the builder, and they view themselves as the one’s who will wield this tool to build Keelish civilization in to a prosperous future.

  1. History
  2. Heirarchy
  3. Fundementals

Founded shortly after the construction of the first fully autonomous sentries in Kleriel, through propaganda, institutionalization and preaching the way forward through industrial and technological advancements, the people began to adopt them as a more prominent branch of their faith, pushing aside their devotion to nature and magics, they embraced the ease, comfort, and safety these new advancements were bringing.

The leadership of the imperium took notice of this development, but as the hammerites are also extremely determined in rooting out all heresies not complying with the doctrine of the ancestors, the government is letting them be.

The order is conducted by High-Priest Edgar’Teslaya vas Kha’Rann, who has supreme jurisdiction and keenly observes the development and industrialization of Kleriel. The Temple Priests or Master Forgers are one level below the High Priest. They have more limited authority, but are still required to observe the Order’s members and goals. Next are the Temple Guards, Hammer Warriors and Craftsmen. They form the main body of the order. They are all generally adept with the weapons or tools and are devout followers of the faith, who as everyone else, have dedicated their lives to the advancement of industrialized civilization.

The hammerites not only wish to protect the ancestor’s legacy as the rest of the Keelish do, but further expand on it, specifically in the direction of industrialization. They keenly follow the will of the scions, all though they have bent these wills somewhat to further serve their interests. Members of the order mainly operate within their Temple-Forges, where they hold religious ceremonies as any other temple does, with a twist in their preaching, as well as housing back-room industrial complexes.

The hammerites are NOT above the law however, and as long as they abide to the imperium’s laws, they are free to pursue their ambitions. The formation of the hammerite order is viewed by many as a positive turn of events, as everything they do seems to be in the best interest of the Keelish. Due to this, the crown has given them rights to pursue and eliminate any traces of heretical practices within Kleriel, which has somewhat branded them as ‘‘faith police’’.

They are also known to make attempts at converting other races to the faith, but unlike the peaceful missionaries sent out by the government, who leave at the first sign of aggression by the natives, these missionaries are armed and will fight back.

[Tier III RP Faction] Kleriel Imperium (old)

This is kind of what I was shooting for with the Grimguard. Good job Ara.


Does thou conform to the ways of the hammerite?


Nay! I am more swayed by the working of the military mind. The grimguard does not dabble in petty religions, but serves as a powerful group against tyranny and injustice. We also kill people. No extra charge.


The mind of logic, reason, and understanding the mechanics of the universe are hardly petty.


To some maybe. I prefer to face my enemies in the field, however, not attack a honorable opponents morals.


It seems that my breath is wasted, for this human only knows to speak of death.